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The Pearl Harts

Love, Chaos

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Time moves so quickly these days, even that life changing time when the world stood still seems a long time ago. It certainly doesn’t feel like five years since The Pearl Harts released their phenomenal debut album, ‘Glitter & Spit’!

Well, it somehow was, but after everything that has happened in the intervening time, it’s finally time for the duo to unleash their sophomore record, ‘Love, Chaos’.

The build up towards the release of the album has seen the singles ‘More’, ‘Wild Me’ and ‘Hypocritical’ hint that whilst the bands ferocious hooks remain front and centre, this new material has had the groove turned up to eleven.

The Pearl Harts – ‘Hypocritical’

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The album in its entirety continues the theme of sonic growth building on the solid foundations that their debut album laid. ‘Love, Chaos’ is stylish and elegant rock and roll fun, that isn’t afraid to challenge the unhealthy and the unjust through some witty lyricism.

Packed full of a healthy mix of attitude and unashamed chic, ‘Love, Chaos’ is a charming collection of songs that also happens to pack a punch.

There may have been a bit of a wait between albums, but the wait for more of The Pearl Harts has been worth the wait and more. This duo are a force of nature and ‘Love, Chaos’ is another spectacular statement from a group with so much potential. Remember the name The Pearl Harts!

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Enter Shikari

A Kiss for the Whole World

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Enter Shikari have been riding on a hot streak that some would argue dates back to their 2007 debut album, ‘Take To The Skies’. Others may point towards 2015 masterpiece ‘The Mindsweep’ as the moment that a band with all the potential in the world finally seized on their talents to move to a different level.

Either way, it’s clear at this point that the band operate on their own level and creatively not many contemporaries can keep their pace. New seventh album, ‘A Kiss for the Whole World’ is another unpredictable collection of genre-defying bangers which will get the listeners moving.

Where Enter Shikari regularly raise the game however is their ability not just to get their audience moving, but also thinking. Again on this album, the band tackle the complexities and dangers of the modern world – and let’s face it there is no shortage of source material for the band to explore given the state of the world these days.

Enter Shikari – ‘A Kiss for the Whole World x’

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Always willing to confront and inspect the signs of the times, ‘A Kiss for the Whole World’ finds the band lighting a spark found missing during the pandemic years. Fittingly ignited by their appearance at the Download Pilot Festival that represented one of the first glimmers of life for the music industry, this is the sound of a band regrouping with another affirming record.

The likes of the title track, and pre-release singles ‘(pls) set me on fire’, ‘It Hurts’ and ‘Bloodshot’ are typical of what to expect from the rest of the album. If there was any doubt this would be more of Enter Shikari at their very best, one quick run through of the album will dispel those doubts immediately.

The hot streak is very much intact, and this album can only be heralded as another stunning success for a band showing no signs of resting on their laurels.

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Black Orchid Empire

Tempus Veritas

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Black Orchid Empire have been quietly assembling a formidable back catalogue and now they are back to further showcase themselves as a creative force with their fourth album, ‘Tempus Veritas’.

Once again packed full of killer riffs, driving rhythm and soaring vocals this is another stunning collection of songs from a band who have certainly mastered their sound.

There is something for everyone across these eleven tracks with elements of hard rock, melodic pop rock and radio friendly choruses all bound by their ferocious technical hooks. Whether you are after a rocker to sing-a-long to or something with a little more substance, Black Orchid Empire have you covered on ‘Tempus Veritas’.

Black Orchid Empire – ‘The Raven’

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The likes of ‘The Raven’, ‘Deny the Sun’ and ‘Glory to the King’ are massive but realistically there isn’t a song on here to drops below the high standards that the band has already set for themselves.

At around 37 minutes, the album just flies by which feels so refreshing having just reviewed the new Metallica album! As with that record, the quality is well and truly here but this one doesn’t feel like a slog to get from start to finish. In fact once the album does finish, your first instinct is the hit play again, which is always the best sign that an album is a winner.

Don’t sleep on this band, whilst criminally underappreciated they are one of the finest rock bands currently plying their craft!

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Sean McGowan

Who On Earth

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For his second album Sean McGowan has unshackled himself from expectation and bet on himself. The stunning results speak for themselves as eleven songs spread over 31 minutes showcase one of the UK’s finest songwriters as his brutally honest best.

McGowan has always had a knack for capturing a true indictment of the current climate and with our country in a constant state of turmoil in recent years it’s no surprise that on ‘Who On Earth’, McGowan manages to articulate a fair few home truths.

More than just the odd fleeting jibe, McGowan’s lyrical outpouring is consistently relevant and sincere. Nothing is off limits it would seem as McGowan paints an accurate picture of Britain in 2023, and with his ability to rejuvenate the listener rather than drag them down, ‘Who On Earth’ is a statement of resistance rather than a message of surrender.

Sean McGowan – ‘Casanova’

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Throughout his career McGowan has always shown his lyricism to be fresh and frank, but on this album we get to experience a more expansive sonic frame for those words. The focus on making the most of his musical freedom is clear for all to hear and the likes of ‘On The Up’ and ‘Casanova’ are amongst the best work McGowan has ever produced.

It’s a difficult climate for musicians to navigate at the moment and ‘Who On Earth’ isn’t just brave from a business sense it’s bold and daring from a musical perspective. For an artist such as Sean McGowan to continue to surprise at this stage of their career is special and that just confirms McGowan as the extraordinary musician those familiar with his work have always known him to be.

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72 Seasons

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Metallica – 72 seasons – album review

A new Metallica album has become quite the event these days due to the timeframes between releases. ‘72 Seasons’ represents the first new album in almost seven years and only the third album over the past twenty years since the much maligned ‘St. Anger’.

Realistically Metallica have reached a point in their career where they don’t need to release any new music. Their legendary status is secured and fans will flock to see them live regardless of new material.

They have however lived something of a renaissance with their last two albums, ‘Death Magnetic’ and ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’, both being very well received and termed by many as a mythical “return to form”.

It may be then that rather than a need to release new music, the band want to release new music. That again is a right that they well and truly earned and realistically no matter what they do musically, they are never going to lose stature because of any missteps – awful 2011 Lou Reed collaboration ‘Lulu’ proved that.

watch ‘Lux Æterna’ on YOUTUBE
Metallica – ‘Lux Æterna’

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What does all this mean then for ’72 Seasons’? Well to an extent free reign for the band to indulge. What we get however is a continuation of the previous two albums, which in many ways is a good thing, after all both records were Metallica at their very best. And that is arguably what we have again here, Metallica doing Metallica incredibly well.

Over the length of their career though some of their finest (and yes agreed worst) moments always came when they pushed the parameters a little. That is perhaps where ’72 Seasons’ finds itself lacking slightly and risks it being “just another Metallica album”, albeit a very good one!

When you also factor in the 77 minute runtime, it’s rather monotonous listening. It’s all very good as I say but that consistency somehow ends up hurting the album as nothing in particular stands out.

If you’re a diehard Metallica fan, you’ll pick up this album and thoroughly enjoy it. If you are a fair weather fan then there is nothing to hate but you’ll likely stick to listening to the ‘Black Album’ on repeat after your first listen.

The band didn’t need to release this album, and whilst I’m glad they did, given how little appears to be left in the tank before retirement, it would’ve been nice to be given one more curveball from them. That said and to drill the point home this is still a very good Metallica album!

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Fall Out Boy

So Much (For) Stardust

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20+ years, eight studio albums, the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, a hiatus, a reunion and a steady stream of hit singles. Yes, the career of Fall Out Boy has been an entertaining follow over the years, but right now the band appear to be at the peak of their commercial powers.

Nobody can argue that they’ve taken their live show to the next level and that’s why you find them regularly selling out the largest venues in town. Their studio output however has always been a target for critics, with previous effort ‘Mania’ being particularly picked apart and written off.

Admittedly, even I would say beyond a handful of fun tunes that album lacked any real depth and felt slightly like a band going through the motions. Last time Fall Out Boy felt like that they went on a lengthy hiatus before returning better than before.

There has been not hiatus this time, but as the band geared up for the release of their new album, ‘So Much (For) Stardust’, you did get a sense of maturity from the group. You’d argue a band two decades into their career should take themselves seriously, but then Fall Out Boy have always been a band that appeal to younger generations of music fan.

Fall Out Boy – ‘Hold Me Like A Grudge’

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What we get then on this record is a balance. The band deliver a fresh album which appeals to fans old and new. The opening trio of ‘Love From The Other Side’, ‘Heartbreak Feels So Good’ and ‘Hold Me Like a Grudge’ are right up there with the best the band has ever produced, and there are a number of great tracks scattered around the album which instantly provides greater strength in depth then ‘Mania’.

The pace of the album works well and keeps you engaged even in the weaker moments. Overall this is probably the ideal answer to anybody questioning the band, even if it won’t be held in the same esteem as some of their earlier work. A good number of the tracks will sound huge live and add to the bands momentum as they continue their path to world domination.  

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Theory of a Deadman


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theory of a deadman – dinosaur – album review

With the release of their latest studio album, ‘Dinosaur’, Theory of a Deadman continue a streak of releasing a new album every three years that started back in 2002. That self-titled release feels a long time ago, because it is! 20+ years in fact, but as we arrive at album number eight, Theory of a Deadman feel more relevant than ever.

The band have always been rather marmite, you know – you either love them or hate them. They’ve been maligned by many doubters over the years but through this they’ve still managed to amass an impressive catalogue of hits.

There has always been an element of juvenility to their lyrical content but for those that enjoy the band that has been a large aspect of the charm of the band. On ‘Dinosaur’, the opening song and title-track of this record, you’re instantly struck by the maturity and seriousness of the subject matter.

Theory of a Deadman – ‘Dinosaur’

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Thematically and sonically, this album is the straightest and most genuine and mature offering from the Canadians yet. Both the simple hard rock formula on the heavier tracks and the standard approach to the more melodic moments suits the album well.

Whilst overall you get a more grounded Theory of a Deadman, there is also plenty to occupy the fans of the over the top nature of their past work.

On ‘Dinosaur’ it may well be that a band who are always having their identity questioned have found their true sound. This is indeed an ideal mix that will satisfy fans old and new, and demonstrate that unlike the subject matter of the lead single, there is plenty of life left in these old rockers yet!

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All Time Low

Tell Me I’m Alive

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“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

The juvenile lyrical content and ability to mimic whatever the popular music of the scene is of the time is ultimately what endeared All Time Low to their legion of fans in their early years. Their knack for jumping on trends and still producing solid musical output has allowed them far greater longevity then perhaps they could’ve expected when they broke through.

Whilst, like many others from that scene, they have evolved musically, they also feel like the one band still desperate to cling to the past. It’s this mismatch of philosophies that makes their new album, ‘Tell Me I’m Alive’, so disjointed and well, just plain cringey.

All Time Low – ‘Calm Down’

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The lyrical content alone feels like its purposefully devolved back into the infantile and over-simplistic work of kids lacking life experience. The band feel like a creepy caricature of themselves on this record which is just odd and uncomfortable.

Musically they still seem to be reaching for whatever they feel will sell to the youth of the day. This is a sound business technique and it’s served them well in the past, largely due to their ability to pull this off better than most of their contemporaries. This time though it feels like that charm has worn off, and we are left with another re-tread of tired old tropes.

Over the course of their career All Time Low have always shown ambition and have tested themselves creatively whilst maintaining the essence of what they are. This is their first release that feels like a lazy replica and that almost makes it stand out more.

They may want us to tell them that they’re alive, but with this album, you find yourself asking if it’s time for the band re-evaluate, do something drastic or they may well see themselves become the villains.

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Black Honey

A Fistful of Peaches

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Black Honey come out of the traps early on their third studio album, ‘A Fistful of Peaches’. Yes, ‘Charlie Bronson’ is the punch in the face needed to grab your attention and captures the band taking the gloves off!

The band have always been unashamed to be just who they are and that has often made them a tricky band to pigeonhole. Those that need to label things may struggle, but realistically the band’s crossover appeal is enormous and the simple undeniable fact is that they have now delivered three sublime records of infectious music.

Black Honey – ‘Up Against It’

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Yes, ‘A Fistful of Peaches’ may have a lot to live up to following the quality of its predecessors, but it easily handles that pressure. The likes of ‘Heavy’, ‘Up Against It’, ‘Out of My Mind’ and ‘OK’ all sound absolutely massive and you feel that every song brings something special to this album.

This may be the most honest reflection of Black Honey as a band thus far as the group pour their hearts into their art. Each element of their sound is turned up and the results are magnificent. Whilst they’ve always demonstrated this quality, the strongest achievement on this album is the mix of relatability with aspiration.

‘A Fistful of Peaches’ is both vulnerable and ferocious in equal measures as singer Izzy Phillips is able make you feel a full palate of emotions; ultimately though Phillips and co are simply able to empower you through their reflective, decisive and uplifting collection of soaring tracks.

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Hundred Reasons

Glorious Sunset

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I’ve always held a belief that whilst the enormous success of Nu-Metal brought great attention on rock music, it also buried what was an incredible British rock scene. That scene was packed full of fantastic bands that whilst they had success they never reached the levels that their output deserved.

One key band of this scene was Hundred Reasons, who won’t register on many young rock fans radars these days, but are likely your favourite bands favourite band! The influence of the likes of Hundred Reasons stretches far and wide even if you don’t know it.

Having entered a hiatus well over a decade ago, it seemed that Hundred Reasons would remain a wonderful memory from the past. That is, until late last year when the band surprised fans with news of a brand new album, ‘Glorious Sunset’!

Well, that album is now with us and it’s time for the band to show a new generation of rock fans just what made them so special the first time around.

Hundred Reasons – ‘Replicate’

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As soon as you press play, you are instantly sucked in to those beautiful soaring hooks, those delicate, emotive moments, those brash riffs, those all out rocking flashes and just the pure majesty that the band is able to create.

Whilst naturally the pre-album singles like ‘Glorious Sunset’, ‘New Glasses’, ‘Replicate’ and ‘The Old School Way’ lead the way, there really isn’t a bad track on this album. At just thirty-six minutes, the album absolutely flies by and leaves you eager to hit the play button again.

So many criminally underappreciated rock bands from the early 2000’s have sadly been lost to the ages, but thank goodness that we have Hundred Reasons back in our lives and that they return at their magnificent best!

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