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Every week we roundup the best music news from the past week!

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News Report

Therapy? announce new tour dates

Welcome everyone to another edition of our weekly music News Report!

This week we begin with a handful of new tour announcements and up first are Therapy?, who are currently celebrating the release of their highest charting album since 1998.

The group will tour ‘Hard Cold Fire’ later this year as they head out on the road once again.

Support comes from Bokassa.

Tickets are here.

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October Drift reveal UK Tour

This week was greeted by the fantastic news that the Music Venue Trust and National Lottery will be continuing their partnership with the ‘United by Music’ Tour!

One of the acts heading out on the road where Lottery players can take a friend for free are October Drift.

Tickets are here.

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The Full Pelt Music Podcast – Episode 10 – October Drift

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The Dirty Nil will also play the ‘United by Music’ tour

Another band head out on the ‘United by Music’ tour from the Music Venue Trust and National Lottery will be The Dirty Nil.

Support comes from Lowlives and Exit Child.

Tickets are here.

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Ricky Warwick & The Fighting Hearts unveil new live dates

The last tour announcement in our News Report this week comes from Ricky Warwick & The Fighting Hearts, who have unveiled a handful of July live dates.

Warwick says: “After the fantastic shows we played last year, I’m thrilled to get back out with my band The Fighting Hearts once again. I’m looking forward to playing songs from all aspects of my musical journey!!”.

Tickets are here.

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News Report

Avenged Sevenfold debut ‘We Love You’

Avenged Sevenfold – ‘We Love You’

Our News Report now looks at the best new releases from the past week and we begin with the latest single from Avenged Sevenfold. Check out ‘We Love You’ above now.

The track will feature on upcoming new album, ‘Life Is But A Dream…’, which will arrive on June 2nd!

Pre-order your copy here.

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Queens of the Stone Age unveil ‘Emotion Sickness’

Queens of the Stone Age – ‘Emotion Sickness’

There was also new music on offer this week from fellow rock royalty Queens of the Stone Age. The band unveiled their brand new single, ‘Emotion Sickness’, which you can check out above!

In a big week for the band they also revealed that their new album, ‘In Times New Roman’, will be released on June 16th!

Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to ‘Emotion Sickness’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist!

Tenacious D debut ‘Video Games’

Tenacious D – ‘Video Games’

Another iconic rock band with new music this past week were Tenacious D!

The duo delivered a new single entitled ‘Video Games’, and you can of course check it out above!

More here.

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Black Stone Cherry share new single ‘Nervous’

Black Stone Cherry – ‘Nervous’

The new music continues next in our News Report with, ‘Nervous’, the latest single from Black Stone Cherry, which you can check out above!

The band will release their brand new album, ‘Screamin’ At The Sky’ on September 29th.

Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to ‘Nervous’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist!

Asking Alexandria reveal video for ‘Dark Void’

Asking Alexandria – ‘Dark Void’

This week also saw Asking Alexandria reveal the video for their new single, ‘Dark Void’, which you can check out above.

The track is the first taste of their as-yet-titled new album set for release this autumn.

“With the world seemingly getting darker and darker, it’s easy to see why so many of us struggle with anxiety, depression, loneliness” relays guitarist Ben Bruce. “This song is about fighting those demons that live in your head and trying your hardest to be your own savior. Finding that inner strength to pull yourself out of the darkness.” 

“This theme is explored throughout the entirety of our upcoming album. We all have our own struggles and hurdles. We are all on our own journeys that present unique challenges and difficulties, but we all have our own inner strength to fall back on. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. I feel that there can be comfort in knowing that we aren’t alone. We all feel a little down from time to time. We all feel a little lost from time to time, but somehow, in some way, we are all in this together and hopefully our new album can help people through some of their toughest times.”

More here.

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DevilDriver debut ‘This Relationship, Broken’

DevilDriver – ‘This Relationship, Broken’

DevilDriver this week shared their latest single from new album, ‘Dealing With Demons, Vol. II’.

You can check out the video for, ‘This Relationship, Broken’, above!

DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara says about ‘This Relationship, Broken’: “‘This Relationship, Broken’ explores the severance that happens between two long time partners when they leave each other after years of turmoil.” 

Grab the album here.

Listen to ‘This Relationship, Broken’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist!

Duff McKagan unveils ‘This Is The Song’

Duff McKagan – ‘This Is The Song’

Duff McKagan this week shared new single ‘This Is The Song’, which you can check out above. The track features on a new EP honouring Mental Health Awareness Week.

“’This is the Song’ was written in the middle of a panic attack” Duff McKagan says in a personal statement about the EP. “I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t see straight, and lately, I have thankfully found my acoustic guitar as a refuge. If I just hold on to that guitar, play chords, and hum melodies, I can start to climb my way out of that hole. For those of you who have never experienced something like this, count yourselves blessed. To those of you who recognize what I am talking about: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”

More here.

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Caskets debut ‘More Than Misery’

Caskets – ‘More Than Misery’ – feat. Telle Smith

Next up in our News Report are Caskets, who this week debuted their new single ‘More Than Misery’, featuring Telle Smith (The Word Alive).

You can check out the track above which features on newly announced album, ‘Reflections’, which is out August 11th.

Speaking of the track, frontman Matt Flood says, “More Than Misery is written around the conflict of being hypnotically entranced by someone or something that in the end, you know will only lead to toxic habits or bad intentions. Everyone has felt this and been in this situation in one way or another throughout their life. It’s about not wanting to be in this situation and feeling the struggle of bearing the weight of pressure it puts on your shoulders. How it can affect every other thing around you, from your mental health to the relationships you build around you.”

”There is light at the end of the tunnel though,” he states. “To even acknowledge the situation and build a foundation of support around you to come face to face with what it is that’s holding you back. If you just take a step into the unknown, you’ll see your life is more than just misery’ 

Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to ‘More Than Misery’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist!



Hot Milk continue to prepare for the release of their debut album, ‘A CALL TO THE VOID’, on August 25th.

This week saw the band share their latest single, ‘PARTY ON MY DEATHBED’, which you can check out above.

Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to ‘PARTY ON MY DEATHBED’ on our Spotify Hot List!

REWS unveils ‘Not Your Solider’

REWS – ‘Not Your Soldier’

The new music also continues to flow from REWS and this week fans were treated to new single, ‘Not Your Soldier’, which you can check out above!

The track comes ahead of REWS forthcoming new album, ‘Meridians’, which is set for release on October 13th.

Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to ‘Not Your Soldier’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun return with new single ‘Reno’

Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun – ‘Reno’

Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun returned this week with their new single, ‘Reno’, which you can check out above.

The group also marked their big return with news that a new album, ‘Colours’, will be coming on July 28th!

Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to ‘Reno’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Ayron Jones debuts ‘The Title’

Ayron Jones – ‘The Title’

Ayron Jones is next up in our News Report with his latest single, ‘The Title’, which you can check out above!

The track comes ahead of new album, ‘Chronicles of the Kid’, which comes out on June 23rd.

“For a lot of people, the world is a dark place. It feels like a dark room with no windows, no doors, and no way out,” Jones explains. “When we’re faced with uncertainty, our instincts tell us to either take flight or stay and fight. ‘The Title’ is dedicated to those of us who choose to fight. It’s about this seemingly foolish idea of holding on to a sliver of hope that drives our obsession to be great, even when faced with fear of defeat. It’s about winning because you don’t know how to fail.”

Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to ‘The Title’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist!

Conquer Divide share ‘welcome2paradise’

Conquer Divide – ‘welcome2paradise’

Closing out this section of our News Report this week is Conquer Divide who have shared their new single, ‘welcome2paradise’, which you can check out above!

The band have also revealed that their new album, ‘Slow Burn’, will arrive on September 8th.

“This song is special to all of us for a lot of reasons” says guitarist Kristen Sturgis. “We really wanted to stretch our musical muscles and play around with time signatures. We recorded some of the production ourselves, including drilling sounds you’ll hear sprinkled throughout the song. Artistically, we really stepped out of our comfort zone, and we ended up with something really special.”

The song also takes a close look at a very important topical issue.

“It’s sad that humans don’t care about our environment” Sturgis continues. “I was especially inspired by a situation close to my heart. I live on the Great Lakes, which contain 20% of the earth’s freshwater. There is a 70-year-old pipeline called Line 5 that is in very rough shape and runs through the water where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan meet. The current is especially turbulent there. The pipeline keeps getting hit by boat anchors.

I am not here to preach anti-fossil fuels, as electric vehicles come with their own environmental tolls, and touring bands have to drive gas-guzzling vehicles to play for our fans. But if a spill happened in that spot, it’s in the worst possible place, due to the strong currents.

A Great Lakes spill could affect major cities like Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Windsor, Toronto, and Rochester, NY. Tourism, fishing industries, and boating would all be affected. And with all of the droughts happening around the U.S., it’s going to be everyone’s problem soon.

Right now, there’s just one small local organization trying to draw attention to it, but If I can do anything with this song release, it would be to shine a spotlight on something I care so much about.” 

Pre-order your album here.

Listen to ‘welcome2paradise’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist!

News Report

As always we conclude our News Report with the latest additions to our ‘Discover’ New Music Podcast!

News Report

From the Black Country, Midlands, BIG SPECIAL share new single ‘SHITHOUSE’.

“’SHITHOUSE’ is about a rough time. The societal depression we are going through and its personal effects on people. It’s about looking at it from the outside and living it from the inside. Seemingly, no matter the moves we make, it all ends up a shithouse and sometimes all we can do is shout about it.” says singer Joe Hicklin.

Ålesund – ‘Rode Off Into the Sun’

Alt-pop outfit Ålesund reveal their new single ‘Rode Off Into The Sun’.

“I was so impressed by a friend who had been dealt a rough hand and instead of wallowing and seeing the glass as half empty, she just dusted herself off and charged on with making the best out of her life. It was inspiring to witness and became the main theme of the song”, says vocalist and lyricist Alba Torriset.

News Report
News Report
Butterfly Hurricane – ‘BARRICADE’

Alternative Rock artist Butterfly Hurricane has shared his debut single ‘BARRICADE’.

“A lot of my lyrics come from my battles with crohn’s disease and how it has affected my personal life and the lives of others. This song in is essentially me venting my frustrations on how I wish I could be someone else and just have a day not having to plan my life around this disease. It’s not all doom and gloom though, the struggle is part of the beauty. It’s helped me grow and realise what’s important in life”. – Butterfly Hurricane

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Live Reviews


Wembley Arena, London

Thursday 1st December 2022

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Shinedown fans have long wondered why the band had yet to progress to Arena’s in the UK. Having grown exponentially in this region over the past decade, recent tour expectations had been larger venues for the group, only for the band to opt again for academies. Not this time though, welcome Shinedown fans to Wembley Arena!

The final date of their first full arena tour, tonight feels like a big moment for the band and the atmosphere in London echoes this. Outside may be a Christmas wonderland but inside the venue rock fans are more than ready for an evening of entertainment.

Opening proceedings on this run of dates is rapper Zero 9:36 who does well to warm up the early attendees with his brand of rock. Next up, Asking Alexandria get a hero’s welcome as they arrive onstage and they return the favour with a solid set featuring a number of clear fan favourites which really ramps up the energy levels.

Both bands have done a great job, but tonight is really about one band and there isn’t long before Shinedown make their big entrance. The band have a new album out, ‘Planet Zero’, which is incidentally their highest UK charting album; so it’s fitting that they open with new track, ‘The Saints of Violence and Innuendo’, as they begin their biggest UK show to date.

Shinedown – ‘The Saints of Violence and Innuendo’

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‘Devil’, ‘Planet Zero’ and ‘How Did You Love’ all follow as they band stamp their authority on the stage. For their biggest UK shows, they’ve brought their biggest ever production to these shores and the visuals tonight are just as stunning as the music.

Amongst the newer material of the last decade or so, we get a splattering of early material such as ‘45’, which is up next and helps elicit just one of many huge sing-a-long moments.

The band have amassed a seriously deep back catalogue and the setlist tonight is well curated to showcase all the talents of the group from the heavy to the heartfelt. The juxtaposition of ‘Cut the Cord’ straight into ‘Second Chance’ really highlights their dexterity.

By the time ‘Sound of Madness’ brings the show to a close, there can be no doubters that Shinedown absolutely belong on the biggest stages. There are many Download Festival t-shirts in the audience tonight and it’s fitting because this was a performance worthy of headlining the UK’s premier rock festival!

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News Report

News Report

Every week we roundup the best music news from the past week!

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News Report

Shinedown announce ‘Planet Zero’ UK Tour

Welcome one and all to another edition of our weekly music News Report, where we roundup the best news from the past week. We start off this week with the best tour announcements.

Up first are Shinedown who have announced a UK Tour for later this year which will include a date at Wembley Arena. Support comes from Asking Alexandria and Zero 9:36.

Frontman Brent Smith states, “We have always been inspired by the UK and European audiences. Their passion for music is extraordinary. We are beyond excited to be returning as headliners, with our biggest show yet!”

“We are overwhelmed by the love and support of our new album, ‘Planet Zero’ and look forward to sharing our new songs, along with all of your Shinedown favorites!!! Cheers!!!”

Tickets are here.

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Airbourne reveal 2 large UK shows

Another band that played at Download Festival this past week that will be returning to the UK later this year is Airbourne.

The band will play Manchester and London in December with support from Blues Pills and Crobot.

Tickets are here.

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Rise Against set for November UK Tour

Also announcing an Autumn UK Tour this week were Rise Against who will be returning in November with The Story So Far in support.

Tickets are here.

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Ice Nine Kills set for UK Tour

Fans of Ice Nine Kills will need to wait until March next year for their UK Tour, but they are coming and venues are already being upgraded!

Tickets are here.

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VUKOVI announce new UK/EU Tour

VUKOVI have announced a new UK/EU Tour for October which will feature some of the bands biggest shows to date.

Support comes from Zand.

Tickets are here.

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Music Venue Trust reveal new wave of #ReviveLive shows

As the music industry continues to strive for a return to pre-pandemic levels of attendance, the incredible Music Venue Trust has announced another wave of #ReviveLive shows.

With support from The National Lottery attendees can bring a friend for free to a plethora of newly revealed shows.

Acts taking part this go around include Everything Everything, Paolo Nutini, The Amazons, The Coral, Baby Dave, Coach Party, Sick Joy, The Goa Express and Thumper!

Tickets are here.

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Sports Team announce ‘Friendship’ Tour

Our News Report is jam packed with new tour announcements this week, including the above ‘Friendship’ UK, IE & USA tour from Sports Team.

Tickets are here.

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Skinny Lister announce UK Tour

Skinny Lister will also be on the road later this year as they take another lap around the UK.

Support on various dates comes from BERRIES, Deux Furieuses and Tom Jenkins.

Tickets are here.

The Full Pelt Music Podcast – Episode 6 – Skinny Lister

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Wargasm announce the ‘Explicit’ Tour

Wargasm have announced the ‘Explicit’ Tour which will take them around the UK this October.

Tickets are here.

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Zeal & Ardor set for lengthy Tour

Zeal & Ardor have announced a lengthy UK/EU Tour for later this year including a date at Electric Brixton.

Tickets are here.

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Loathe set for UK Tour

So, so many tour announcements in our News Report this week and we still are not done yet.

Loathe will be playing nine dates across the UK this October including a date at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Support comes from Void of Vision and Omerta.

Tickets are here.

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Inglorious announce UK Tour

Inglorious will also be touring later this year with a lengthy trek planned in across the UK. Support comes from A New Tomorrow.

Frontman, Nathan James, comments “I am so excited to get back out on tour with the guys . Over the pandemic we were not able to tour as much as we usually would, but we were able to release albums. So we did! We recorded the We Will Ride album, The Heroine all female covers album and the 1st ever Inglorious live album and dvd.  It’s amazing now to be able to pick songs from all of those albums to make the ultimate inglorious set.
On this tour we will be bringing something totally different set wise and we’re really looking forward to playing songs from across all of our albums. Inglorious has always been a strong live act and now more so than ever. Tighter, harder and more determined to show people what we are about. 

We hope to see everyone on the “Until We Die 2022 UK Tour” and cannot wait make some noise for you all again.”

Tickets are here.

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News Report

Download Festival set for 20th Anniversary 4 Day extravaganza!

We continue with the live side of the industry now as our News Report continues with the latest festival announcements.

Following a successful return to Donington Park this past weekend Download Festival has revealed that next year will be a special 4 day celebration.

2023 marks the 20th Anniversary of the event, and tickets are on sale now here.

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Reading & Leeds Festival make final line-up announcement

Reading and Leeds Festivals this week made their final line-up announcement ahead of the events this August.

Just added are Anorak Patch, Cassyette, Courting, Ho99o9, The Native, The Skinner Brothers, Thumper and many more.

Tickets and info here.

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Burn It Down Festival sets line-up

Burn It Down Festival takes over Torquay again this September and the event has confirmed their stacked line-up for this year.

Headliners Trash Boat and Deaf Havana will be joined by the likes of Static Dress, Our Hollow Our Home, Haggard Cat, Cassyette, VUKOVI, Tigercub, Salem, As December Falls, Death Blooms, Pupil Slicer and more.

Tickets are here.

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RISEFEST add more acts

RISEFEST in Newcastle is looking absolutely huge this September with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes set to headline.

The supporting cast has been revealed to include Creeper, Boston Manor, Cassyette, VUKOVI, As December Falls, WSTR, Zand and more!

Tickets are here.

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News Report

Deaf Havana debut new track ‘Nevermind’

Deaf Havana – ‘Nevermind’

We move our News Report on now to the latest new releases, and we start with Deaf Havana.

As the band gear up to release their sixth studio album, ‘The Present Is A Foreign Land’, on 15th July they have debuted new track, ‘Nevermind’, which you can check out above.

Pre-order the album here.

Listen to ‘On The Wire’ from Deaf Havana on our Spotify Hot List!

LIFE release new single ‘The Drug’

LIFE – ‘The Drug’

LIFE continue to gear up for the release of ‘North East Coastal Town’ on August 19th. You can listen to their new single, ‘The Drug’, above.

Speaking on the new single vocalist Mez Green says: “The Drug is a love song. I wrote the lyrics in the cold mountains of Italy before taking them into the room with the band. ‘The Drug’ I needed has always been here, the drug I needed has always been near” is, for me, realising that loved ones and those that love you, no matter where you are, can always be present.

I’d never really believed this before and whilst this purity is at the lyrical heart of the song musically the band decided to inject flecks of dance, pop, harmonics, and dirty pulses to give the song drive, repetition and jerk-ability.”

Pre-order the album here.

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Sløtface return with Double A-Side

Sløtface – ‘Beta’

Norway’s Sløtface return with the news that the group’s figurehead Haley Shea will now be leading the band, with Lasse and Tor-Arne leaving to focus on new passions outside the group.

To signal this era beginning they have released a double a-side of ‘Beta’, and ‘Come Hell Or Whatever’. You Can listen to ‘Beta’ above.

“”Beta” was the very first song Mikhael and I worked on together in his studio. It should be listened to while wearing sunglasses, even on cloudy days!

The song is about wanting to connect with people on a deeper level, but feeling like social media sometimes gets in the way, with things becoming somewhat intimidating, shallow and superficial. The song is a confidence booster for myself where I’m trying to be cooler than I am. It was written at a time when I really, really missed the rush of playing live, and I needed to find some of that spark and edge in myself that only really comes out on stage.” 

More here.

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Twister announce new single ‘Own Worst Enemy’

Twister – ‘Own Worst Enemy’

Finally, this week Twister shared their latest single, ‘Own Worst Enemy’, which you can listen to above.

Singer and guitarist Stevie Stoker comments: “Twister are evolving and progressing with every release and the momentum we’re building on the road is really driving us to bigger and better things in the studio. It’s such an exciting time.” 

More here.

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News Report

As always we conclude our News Report with the latest additions to our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist.

News Report

Sunsleeper – ‘Blemishes’

Indie rock band Sunsleeper have shared their newest track, ‘Blemishes’.

“’Blemishes’ is about the slow unraveling of a deeply important friendship, as well as the acceptance of the relationship’s end,” shares vocalist Jeffery Mudgett. “The freedom in letting go of a toxic relationship is underrated. Sometimes there’s no need to mourn the end, but rather we should celebrate leaving that toxicity behind.”

News Report

cheerbleederz – ‘notes app apologies’

London indie punk trio cheerbleederz reveal their latest single ‘notes app apologies’.

Commenting on the track and video, the band say: “This song is about letting go of an abusive relationship. There’s a lot of fear and doubt that comes with separating yourself from somebody who manipulates you, and it leaves behind feelings of anger, as well as guilt and doubt.

You end up questioning everything while simultaneously harbouring a lot of resentment for the person who treated you that way. We wanted this song to feel cathartic and unapologetic—it ultimately feels very healing.”

News Report

MODES – ‘Infamous’

Kent’s MODES deliver their new single, ‘Infamous’.

MODES frontman Ted Berry reveals that the new single Infamous is a song we wrote to reflect on anger and past trauma that we have experienced. We wanted to put this into words to help others feel understood and seen. It’s only human to have been in situations that lead to feeling hurt, angry, and even disappointed in how you have been treated by others.”

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