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Broadcast details and additional guests for the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show

Welcome everyone to another edition of our weekly music News Report!

We start this week with an update on the two Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts scheduled to take place next month in London and Los Angeles.

The two shows promise to deliver a spectacular celebration of the life of the legendary drummer. The already stacked list of special guests joining Foo Fighters grew this week with London additions including the likes of Travis Barker, Justin Hawkins, Brian Johnson and Lars Ulrich.

Those not lucky enough to have tickets were also provided details this week of both livestream and on demand options to watch the London show as below:

More information can be found here.

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Muse set for 2023 Stadium Tour

Our News Report looks at the best tour announcements from the past week now and where better to start than with the supermassive Muse!

The band will be releasing their new album, ‘Will Of The People’, this week and have now revealed your opportunity to witness these songs live.

Muse will be playing shows in Plymouth, Huddersfield, Glasgow and Milton Keynes with support from Royal Blood at all dates except Glasgow.

Tickets and album pre-orders here.

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Yungblud sets up UK Tour

Yungblud also had a huge tour to reveal this week including seven UK Arena dates with support from Neck Deep.

New album, ‘Yungblud’, is out September 2nd.

Tickets and album pre-orders are here.

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Pussy Riot bring ‘Riot Days’ to the UK

This week also saw news that Pussy Riot will be bring their ‘Riot Days’ shows to the UK this Autumn.

Tickets are here.

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Delain reveal UK dates

Delain also had a couple of UK dates to reveal this week with shows set for London and Manchester in April

Tickets are here.

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InMe & Raging Speedhorn detail co-headline tour

The final tour announcement in our News Report this week is a co-headline affair from InMe and Raging Speedhorn.

The two bands will be hitting the road hard this Autumn for 15 shows.

Tickets are here.

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Cro Cro Land line-up grows

A singular piece of festival news in our News Report this week and it comes from Croydon event Cro Cro Land!

Our recent ‘Discover’ New Music Podcast guests BERRIES have joined a packed line-up with the likes of She Drew The Gun, Dream Wife, Bang Bang Romeo, Big Joanie, Wooze, Fraulein and more!

Tickets are here.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers debut new single ‘Tippa My Tongue’

Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Tippa My Tongue’

We move our News Report on now to the best new releases from the past week and where better to start than with the new single from Red Hot Chili Peppers?

The group surprised fans recently with the announcement that new album, ‘Return of the Dream Canteen’, will be released on October 14th.

Now the iconic band have given the first taste of what to expect with new track, ‘Tippa My Tongue’, which you can check out above.

Pre-order your album here.

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The Struts share new single ‘Fallin’ With Me’

The Struts – ‘Fallin’ With Me’

The Struts shared their new single, ‘Fallin’ With Me’, this week, and you can give it a listen above.

“The song’s lyrics were written down whilst on numerous nights out with someone that I was seeing at the time,” frontman Luke Spiller says. “We always kept meeting at the same place on the Sunset Strip and after a while I had a collection of phrases and lines that all had a certain feel to them.”

“The song’s lyrics were written down whilst on numerous nights out with someone that I was seeing at the time,” Spiller says. “We always kept meeting at the same place on the Sunset Strip and after a while I had a collection of phrases and lines that all had a certain feel to them.”

“Fallin’ With Me’ is something that The Struts have never done before. We’ve done a lot of straight-up rock, but this feels different,” Spiller says. “The response we have been getting while performing it live has been electric, so I’m excited for everyone to hear the studio version!”

More here.

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DMA’s share new single ‘I Don’t Need To Hide’

DMA’S – ‘I Don’t Need To Hide’

As they prepare for the main stage at Reading & Leeds Festivals, DMA’s have shared their brand new single, ‘I Don’t Need To Hide’, which you can check out above.

Guitarist Jonny Took comments: “There’s a confidence you obtain when you find someone who loves you for all your faults, quirks and obscurities. They make you feel like you don’t need to hide anything from anyone anymore.”

The band will also play a UK Tour this October.

Tickets are here.

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The Wombats debut ‘Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This’

The Wombats – ‘Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This’

The Wombats kicked off a new era this week with the debut of new track, ‘Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This’, which you can listen to above.

The track will feature on a new EP of the same name which is due for release on November 18th.

Pre-order your copy here.

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Massive Wagons debut new single ‘Generation Prime’
Massive Wagons – ‘Generation Prime’

There was more new music on offer this week from Massive Wagons as they prepare for their new album, ‘TRIGGERED!’, which is out October 28th.

You can listen to their new single, ‘Generation Prime’, above which features Skindred frontman Benji Webbe.

Pre-order your album here.

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Ugly Kid Joe share video for single ‘Long Road’

Ugly Kid Joe – ‘Long Road’

Ugly Kid Joe continue to prepare for new album, ‘Rad Wings of Destiny’, which is out October 21st.

This week the band shared the video for their single, ‘Long Road’, which you can check out above.

Pre-order your copy here.

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The Murder Capital share video for single ‘Only Good Things’

The Murder Capital – ‘Only Good Things’

Our News report continues with news that The Murder Capital have shared the video for their single, ‘Only Good Things’, which you can watch above.

Speaking on the new single, front man James McGovern says,

“This track for us has been an exciting evolution for the band. It’s so bright. It’s so colorful. This is a part of the narrative of the overall record that we feel reaches a real place of inner calm, inner peace but at its core, it’s a love song. You get a song like this where, the protagonist in this song is quite simply asking – not pleading – just willing to ask their counterpart to rid them of their intrusive thoughts, the devils on their shoulders and to be truly vulnerable.

We’re so excited to go to a place like this because perhaps it’s not what is expected of us. It stood out to me during the creation of this record that it is more about the friends that are still here and celebrating those connections, those relationships and being unafraid of life and it’s many seasons. Where ‘Only Good Things’ stands within the record is at a moment where the sonic and the lyrical narrative especially, are of newfound joy.”

More here.

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Beth Orton shares new single ‘Forever Young’

Beth Orton – ‘Friday Night’

Beth Orton has shared her new single, ‘Friday Night’, which you can listen to above. The track will feature on new album, ‘Weather Alive’, which is out September 23rd.

Orton states, “Friday Night is someone reflecting on, and trying to decide, what to give up or what to surrender to. Passion or ambivalence? Whether to “bleed or rust in the rain.” 

“Most of us are struggling to make sense of where to put the love we have for those that are lost to us, let alone the ones that remain. Sometimes there is no right answer except to find the wisdom in the spaces between the endings and beginnings, in the remembrance of things past or in search of lost time, there are always re-percussions to the choices we make. We are listening to the internal dialogue of someone living it out, what is futile and what is worth fighting for, and trying to do as little damage along the way. Friday night being the night that makes the week more bearable, there is hope. 

“Coming to realise what is real and what is out of reach can be unbelievably painful, waking up to the love that remains can be the greatest gift and the most wonderful surprise. Even in absence there is presence, there is no escape but to look for where the love is still alive within us.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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Courting debut new single ‘Jumper’

Courting – ‘Jumper’

As ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist alumni, Liverpool’s Courting prepare to release their debut album, ‘Guitar Music’, on September 23rd, the group have dropped a new single.

You can listen to that single, ‘Jumper’, above.

Speaking on the new single, frontman Murphy-O’Neill says, “Jumper is an outlier on the album. It is a gentle story of true unrequited love, meant to playout like a 2006 romcom. It is about growing old and believing everything will fall into place, the mundanity of doing dishes, and leaving oppositional film reviews.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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The Skinner Brothers debut new single ‘Lonedon’

The Skinner Brothers – ‘Lonedon’

There was new music on offer this week from The Skinner Brothers, who debuted the title track of their upcoming EP, ‘Lonedon’.

Zac Skinner says, “I wanted the EP to have a mixtape kind of feel. It’s four different songs which I feel captures the essence of the band at this point.”

You can listen to the track above, and pre-order the EP here.

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Witch Fever share new single ‘I Saw You Dancing’

Witch Fever – ‘I Saw You Dancing’

Many Reading & Leeds performers are sharing new music, another being Witch Fever. The band has debuted their latest single, ‘I Saw You Dancing’, which you can check out above.

The song will feature on their debut album, ‘Congregation’, which is out October 21st.

On the track Amy Walpole says, “This is a song on the album that we’re really excited about as really it’s the first time we’ve written and allowed a song to have space and time to breathe! We’ve been so used to writing quick thrashy tunes it was fun to experiment and write slower ones for the album. We really love the drone of the guitar, the rattle of the bass and the reverb on the snare drum, as well as the vocals being a little more relaxed and expressive”.

Speaking on the video Amy adds, “Horror has always been a genre that we’ve drawn inspiration from for lyrics and artwork because it’s such a potent and multi-layered genre. Horror has such a potential for holding a mirror up to society to reveal the oppression it continues to uphold. Typical elements of horror include violence, suspense, fear and the abject which are powerful fictional tools to expose the dark underbelly of society. Horror isn’t known for being the most progressive or inclusive genre, often centring straight white men, and  portraying women and people of colour as either helpless victims, monstrous villains, or a side story to push the male characters plot line forward. Furthermore horror has also historically ignored the existence of marginalised genders and members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Walpole says on the album, “As our first album we’re really excited to just get it out there. We feel that it’s a step above what we’ve done before as we had a chance to experiment with sound and structure. It was our first opportunity to explore writing a body of work which was challenging but has been so rewarding!”

She continues, “It pushed our creative process because we also had to think about the songs sitting side by side on an album! We tried to break out of what makes a typical ‘witch fever’ song whilst still being true to what makes our sound what it is.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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PVA share new single ‘Bad Dad’

PVA – ‘Bad Dad’

South London trio PVA have shared a new single titled, ‘Bad Dad’, which you can listen to above. The track comes ahead of new album, ‘Blush’, which is out October 14th.

Speaking on the themes of the single, Ella Harris says “Bad Dad explores the internal world of a new father checking in on his son at night, afraid of the lineage of masculinity and how it might impact someone so untainted.”

On their debut album: “We wanted to surprise people and do something more than just get across how we sound at a gig,” explains drummer Louis Satchell. “It’s quite an anxious record sometimes that is relating to mental health issues and carries within it the anxiety of making an album. It’s been a rocky ride but we always pick ourselves up.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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The Beths share new single ‘Knees Deep’

The Beths – Knees Deep’

The new music continues in our News Report as this week The Beths presented their new single, ‘Knees Deep’, which you can check out above.

The track comes from forthcoming album, ‘Expert In A Dying Field’, which is out September 16th.

Liz Stokes shares: “I’m the kind of person who wants to go swimming, but takes like ten minutes to get all the way into the cold water, slowly and painfully. I hate this about myself, and am kind of envious of people who can just jump straight in the deep end. In a shocking twist, this is also a metaphor?! For how I wish I was the kind of person who was brave and decisive instead of cautious and scared.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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As always we conclude our News Report with the latest additions to our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist!

Humour – ‘live and well’

Glasgow’s Humour share their latest single, ‘live and well’.

Frontman Andreas had the following to say about how the song came together:

“Alive and Well came together quite suddenly after a prolonged period of trying to make it work. Jack and Ross had written the bones of the song, and showed it to me with the music in a more or less complete form. They sent me a voice note in which they were muttering along to the music, saying things like “I was so confused, I couldn’t understand it. Everyone’s pissed off at me,” and I could hear laughing, and didn’t think they were that serious about those being the lyrics.

Jack then suggested that I scream the lyrics as loudly as I could, which sounded right for the song when I did. I wanted the vocal to sound like somebody drunk and feeling sorry for themselves. I then wrote the lyrics to the chorus, which are loosely about getting away from a place and a feeling, but sensing that you won’t ever manage to.”

Dog Race – ‘Terror’

Bedford’s Dog Race have shared their debut single, ‘Terror’.

Vocalist Katie Healy had the following to say about the themes behind the single:

“Terror was written during a time of DPDR and anxiety episodes where I would frequently wake up screaming in the night due to night terrors. I tried to encapsulate something that spoke of a period of turmoil but important growth in my early 20’s, an experimental experience where I thought if I’d embrace these night terrors instead of hiding from them in the hope I could put them to rest completely.”

Young Fatigue – ‘love/them’

Punk trio Young Fatigue return with their latest single, ‘love/them’.

“love/them is a protest song against the parents of LGBTQ+ children who fail to accept and embrace their kids. It’s something that particularly enrages me because I remember when my mum came out to me and my siblings when I was a teenager. We found it so overwhelmingly easy to embrace and celebrate her; after all, she was our mum.

Yet time and time again I’ve watched as the families of my friends have failed to accept their sexuality and/or gender identity. My mum’s also an artist and kindly allowed us to use one of her wonderful pieces for the song’s artwork. She created it during a particularly difficult stage in her life and we felt it perfectly represented the power of turning something dark into something truly beautiful.” – Ash Dixon (Lead singer and Guitarist)

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