The Reluctant Blogger

For the last few years I couldn’t help but kick myself for not pursuing the art of the blog. Having first dabbled with the form of contemplative writing as early as the early noughties, I couldn’t stop thinking I’d messed up in not continuing even when blogging hit mainstream popularity. Then for years I cut off my nose to spite my face; I decided I’d missed the boat and therefore I ignored constant pressure from peers to try my hand again at the written missive.

That’s not to say I wasn’t writing. I have written live music reviews and articles for a couple of music websites for the last eight years. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has sadly taken this from me for now (more on that over the coming weeks!). Alas, although not the same, my passion for writing was still being satiated by my day job. With a weekly internal newsletter and other ad-hoc communications within my remit, I continued to practice wordsmithery.

That is until now; with an unfortunate if not completely unforeseen change in employment circumstances removing this outlet for writing. So now what? No live music to review, no newsletter to create and nowhere to fulfil my desire to articulate. Enter the rather reluctant blogger…

So, here we are some fifteen plus years after first dabbling with a keyboard and an online presence, from the ashes of two cruelly stolen channels of verbation, rises Full Pelt. A former outlet for live reviews not featured on known websites, now a new opportunity to express my inner thoughts and feelings.

Going forward you can expect blogs, reviews and articles galore; and who knows perhaps some video content if there is enough demand.

As I enter into the new endeavour I hope to entertain and enlighten. If you’d like to know when new content is posted, simply follow us on our social media channels.