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Fall Out Boy

Heaven, London

Thursday 16th March 2023

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Since their return a decade ago, second-phase Fall Out Boy have proven themselves time and time again to be one of the best live acts on the planet. When playing their huge festival, arena and stadium shows, you’ll often find them backed by huge productions, but tonight is different; tonight they go back to basics.

Yes, with the imminent release of their latest album, ‘So Much (for) Stardust’, the band are playing some of the most intimate shows they’ve played in years. After playing in Manchester the night before, the hype is real for those lucky enough to have tickets to the show tonight at Heaven in London.

Indeed the queue stretches around Charing Cross station and those unaware of the show look on bemused by the weird trail of scene kids! Perhaps it’s for the best that the station is actually closed due to strike action. This tough is no picket line and eventually everyone is able to shuffle into the relatively small venue.

The sound of every roadie movement, of backing soundtrack pause is greeted with ear-piercing screams, oh yes, anticipation is indeed very high. When the band eventually do hit the stage, the response is the type reserved for only a select few bands with a cult-like following.

Fall Out Boy – ‘Love From the Other Side’

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Opening song ‘Love From the Other Side’ may be new, but every single word is sung back as if the crowds lives depended on it. It’s in this moment that the sense of occasion and meaning really hits home.

The band’s presence on stage is enormous, and they give the crowd the same passion as they would a packed stadium. There may be no actual pyrotechnics but the theoretical ones are just as powerful, as the band prove that the smoke and mirrors are great but they aren’t needed. There is no smokescreen, the band are just phenomenal live!

The setlist is a brilliant mix of big hitters, fan favourites, new tracks and some older gems, ‘Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet’ anymore? A closing run of ‘Thriller’, ‘Thnks fr th Mmrs’, ‘Centuries’ and ‘Saturday’ ensures that the crowd go home buzzing from what they’ve experienced. Yes, this will be a night that lasts long in the memories of fans in attendance.

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