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Portland Arms, Cambridge

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The community that surrounds PET NEEDS is quite extraordinary. Their fans, or ‘fractured party people’, passionately support the group in their endeavours and recently assisted the the band in defying the odds by reaching number 17 in the UK Albums Chart.

Tonight, finds the group partway through a tour which acts as a victory lap for that album – ‘Intermittent Fast Living’.


Through all their achievements though, the fact that PET NEEDS cultivated that fanbase through a number of support slots isn’t lost on them. Indeed frontman Johnny Marriott identifies the importance of these opportunities tonight whilst explaining that tour support Generation Feral is running late.

Instead of cancelling the support slot however, Generation Feral is racing to the venue and rather than leaving fans waiting, Johnny and brother George open the show with an acoustic set of favourites and rarities including ‘Pavlovian’ and ‘Primetime Entertainment’.


Soon after, Generation Feral arrives and without a soundcheck takes to the stage to deliver an incredible virtuoso performance.  Hitting important subjects in a frank and down to earth manner, Generation Feral is able to showcase her strong songwriting capabilities through the likes of ‘hide your knees’, ‘political climate’ and ‘newborn adult’.

The fans in attendance reciprocate her energy and together an uplifting experience is created, where both audience and artist are grateful of the efforts taken for the set to take place.


It again isn’t long before PET NEEDS then return to the stage in full complement and raise the roof with new favourites ‘Separation Anxiety’ and ‘Trip’ from their heralded third album. What is instantly obvious as they do so, is that the fans present already know every word and that the songs already feel at home in the setlist.

That observation is true of all ‘Intermittent Fast Living’ tracks that follow and is a testament to the quality of the record. When you then factor in songs from their first two albums, a PET NEEDS set is now structured – banger after banger after banger!

A final run of ‘Fear for the Whole Damn World’, ‘Tracey Emin’s Bed’, ‘Lost Again’, ‘Sleep When I’m Dead’ and ‘Get on the Roof’ is perhaps the strongest evidence of that theme.

With a new look line-up in place and momentum fully on their side, there appears to be no slowing down from one of the best young bands around. The band have a plethora of festival slots booked for this summer and on this showing tonight, you’d be a fool not to highlight them on your clashfinder!

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