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No Gods No Masters

Garbage No Gods No Masters Album Cover
Garbage – ‘No Gods No Masters’

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Over the course of their stop-start career, Garbage have achieved cult status. They have seen many ups and some downs but they have emerged surrounded by critical and commercial success.

Fans will have been delighted when the band announced their latest return with a new album entitled ‘No Gods No Masters’. The band whet fans appetites with singles ‘The Men Who Rule The World’, ‘No Gods No Masters’ and ‘Wolves’.

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These tracks evidently gave a good idea of what to expect. The album is darkly atmospheric which showcases the various guises of the band. It is politically charged in that it focuses on many of the injustices currently facing the world.

Garbage have certainly never shied away from making statement. ‘No Gods No Masters’ most definitely and defiantly makes many statements. Including an overall non-political one that Garbage are an incredible musical force.

Garbage – ‘Waiting for God’

‘Waiting for God’ perhaps best captures the mood of the album. This isn’t a straight pop record, it runs deeper and demands your attention. There is no doubting the musical talents of those in the band and with this album they have certainly done the legacy of Garbage proud.

There is plenty here to get you moving and there are some songs which are crying out to be played live. Fans of the band will not be disappointed by this creation, and the band have further solidified their cult-like status.

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