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Planet Fatale

The Cycle Repeats

Planet Fatale The Cycle Repeats Album Cover
Planet Fatale – ‘The Cycle Repeats’

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Planet Fatale formed from the ashes of various Cambridge based bands, and on their debut album, ‘The Cycle Repeats’ a phoenix rises!

It’s all too easy these days for new metal bands to sound… well, generic. This album is a breath of fresh air that manages to avoid such pitfalls. You can certainly hear some clear influences on the record, but they are enveloped and honed into an assured, confident sound that acts as a statement of intent from a band ready to take the metal world by storm.

Planet Fatale – ‘Break For You’

From opening track ‘Talking To Myself’ and fellow single ‘Break For You’ through ‘Shotgun Riders’ and ‘Fight Club’ there is a undercurrent of considered fury. This helps set the tone for an album designed to get your head banging and your foot tapping.

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Whilst most definitely and defiantly a heavy metal record, there is a poppiness to the songs that makes then very moreish. It won’t take long for listeners to be lured into this spiders web of hard hitting goodness.

It can be all too simple to stick with what you know and not try anything new, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. This album is certainly worth your time and Planet Fatale have set themselves a high standard for future releases.

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We recently spoke with singer Hels Johnson for the ‘Discover’ New Music Podcast, where we discuss ‘The Cycle Repeats’ and their upcoming tour plans. Be sure to check out our chat here or watch the video edition below.

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