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The Wildhearts

21st Century Love Songs

The Wildhearts 21st Century Love Songs Album Cover
The Wildhearts – ’21st Century Love Songs’

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After so many chaotic on again off again years, The Wildhearts feel like they are now at the peak of their powers. Whilst the talent in the group has never been in question, many people will still have been surprised by the excellence of their 2019 comeback album ‘Renaissance Men’. With the band also firing on all cylinders live, it feels like the band are making up for lost time.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that the follow up to ‘Renaissance Men’ is already upon us. Again, we also shouldn’t be surprised then at the quality of that album! ‘21st Century Love Songs’ continues the momentum that the band has built up and capitalises flawlessly on their knack for writing catchy rock songs.

The Wildhearts – ‘Remember These Days’

From the opening title track through ‘Remember These Days’, ‘Splitter’ and the whole album, this is an unapologetic, brash, hearts on sleeves belter of a record. It cries for the volume to be turned up and the inhibitions to be turned down. This is a drunken party album that captures the current world climate perfectly.

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You’ll unwittingly find yourself singing along to these impassioned songs at the top of your lungs; which really is the ideal remedy after what everybody has been through over the past year and a half! ‘21st Century Love Songs’ is a medicinal and cathartic release from The Wildhearts that is made for screaming aloud in a hot sweaty music venue.

It really is time to stop being surprised by the quality in this band, after all the diehards have known for a long, long time what the band can offer. It’s just now perhaps everyone else will wake up to the fact.

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