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Normal Fears

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There are some bands that just capture you entirely when you first hear them. Fatherson were able to accomplish that with me in 2014 when I first saw them as a support act. Some 8 years and 3 albums later, the band has since established themselves in the alternative rock world, and now they are set to release their fourth album, ‘Normal Fears’.

Preceding the album have been a whopping five tracks. With the album comprising thirteen songs, I already had a good idea of what to expect from the album. That was something new and different, yet something extremely familiar.

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From the opening salvo of ‘End Of The World’, ‘Love For Air’ and ‘Normal People’ the bands new expansive sound is clear for all to hear. Their evolution towards a poppier direction then continues to be documented with ‘Everything’, ‘Do It For Yourself’ and ‘Honest To God’.

Fatherson – ‘Dive’

Singer Ross Leighton’s distinctive vocals still take centre stage, whether during tender moments such as ‘All The Time’ or more vibrant moments like ‘Dive’. Musically this album is a slight change of pace but it’s not a sprint to the finish. The band has done well to stay true to their sound whilst also embracing new ideas and reaching for new heights.

Fans both old and new will find pleasure with ‘Normal Fears’ capturing the sound of a band unshackled and just letting go. It has been a tough few years, with the world breaking more every day. We need music to keep us sane, and with ‘Normal Fears’ being thematically relatable and sonically aspiring, there is perhaps no better album to do that right now.

It’s always great to find a new act, but it’s even better to watch them grow.

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