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The evolution of Ghost over the years has been fascinating to watch. The imaginary around the band, their stage show and importantly their musical output have always evolved and grown in majesty with each incarnation.

With the band at their commercial and creative peak and with the revelation of Papa Emeritus IV coming just days before the pandemic took a grip on the world, I was worried that their momentum could die.

Ghost – ‘Hunter’s Moon’

In September as the band emerged from the darkness once more with the single ‘Hunter’s Moon’, I again considered whether the band would be able to pick up where they left off. This apprehension may of translated across to the way I received their pre-release singles, ‘Call Me Little Sunshine’ and ‘Twenties’.

Ahead of the release of ‘IMPERA’ I will admit to having my doubts that the band would be able to continue their hot streak. All of that however quickly dissipates when the opening fanfare of ‘Imperium’ takes hold. Soon thereafter ‘Kaisarion’ and ‘Spillways’ suck me straight into the magnificence that is Ghost!

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By the time we have passed through ‘Hunter’s Moon’ and ‘Call Me Little Sunshine’ to ‘Twenties’, which I’d initially bulked at, this incredible band has once again hypnotised me. It’s a magical place under the mesmerising spell of Ghost at their pinnacle, and by the time the album closes out all my doubts and worries have disappeared.

‘IMPERA’ may not instantly standout as a masterpiece as its predecessors have done, but it burns slowly into your conscience and enthrals you with the unparalleled glory of Ghost. How, just how could I have ever doubted this band?

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