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Jack White

Fear Of The Dawn

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It’s new Jack White album time. What do you expect from a new Jack White album? The unexpected perhaps? One thing is for certain with this uniquely talented musician and that is that nothing certain.

White is one of those marmite, love them or hate them artists and even within his fans, some material will go down better than some others. You certainly can’t say that White isn’t interesting!

Starting as you normally do with albums – at the start – single, ‘Taking Me Back’ and the title-track ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ provide a rocking start to an album that is about to take us on a wild ride.

Jack White – ‘Taking Me Back’

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Very soon the quirkiness of White shines through and his distinctive ability to meld the weird and the wonderful into cohesive songwriting takes over.

To use a good old fashioned musical analogy, ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride. This truly is the Jack White magical mystery theme park at its finest, and listeners need to strap in for the ride.

There are parts that are pure joy, parts that you’ll grow to enjoy and other parts that you’ll accept as part of the ride, but wouldn’t miss if that weren’t there. To this extent this is a rather typical album from White; after all if you expect the unexpected then the unexpected naturally becomes the expected.

Next up, White is set to release a folk album, ‘Entering Heaven Alive’, on July 22nd. What can we expect from that release? Well, if it’s anything like ‘Fear Of The Dawn’, another piece of the incredible puzzle that is one of the most gifted musicians of his generation.

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