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The resurrection of Liam Gallagher has truly been an incredible thing to witness. Anyone placing bets on Liam becoming one of the largest solo acts in the UK following the dissolution of Beady Eye would have gotten more than a few sideways looks.

But… that is exactly what has happened with Gallagher selling out arenas, festivals and huge outdoor shows consistently over the past five years. He has two solo number one albums to his name, and now you’d be a fool to bet against him gaining a third with new record, ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’.

There is no doubting the iconic status that Gallagher holds, but what he has achieved in recent years will change his legacy forever for the better. Out from the shadows of Oasis and his brother, Liam has shocked many with the way he has carried himself musically and personally.

A new generation of fans has discovered his iconic voice, not just for his past successes but also for his current output and that is a beautiful thing.

His first two solo albums have been more than solid, whilst sticking closely sonically to what his has always been known for. ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’, however sees Gallagher opening up musically to incorporate wider influences.

Liam Gallagher – ‘Everything’s Electric’

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Perhaps not genre-bending in the truest sense, as the album is still rooted in familiar territory, but this is the most diverse collection of songs to feature Liam’s name. Perhaps slightly ironic given his jovial jousting at his sibling, although I do doubt there is any scissor playing present here.

The singles have been well selected and in fact the likes of ‘Everything’s Electric’ and the title track are literally the standout tracks. The rest of the album is once again solid and task achieving but perhaps slightly underwhelming in the grand scheme of things.

What saves this album from mediocrity and raises it to the standards expected is the diversification. This is perhaps the most interesting album of Gallagher’s solo career, if not the best in quality. What is does do is once again prove the critics wrong and demonstrate that Gallagher is a viable solo artist.

More than that he remains one of the biggest names in the industry and somehow retains relevance some thirty years into his career. Gallagher is remarkable and of course iconic!

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