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Sunflower Bean

Headful Of Sugar

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It’s feels like Sunflower Bean have been around forever, yet in fact it was only 2016 when the band arrived with their debut album, ‘Human Ceremony’. It didn’t take long for the band to release their follow up, ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ in 2018, now four years later the band return with album number three.

‘Headful of Sugar’ has been born out of the pandemic in many ways, but it arrives now as the world has largely unlocked and summer is on the horizon. This suits the album well as it really feels like an album to play loud with the windows down, perhaps driving along some coastal roads.

Sonically it’s a delightful album which is a highly digestible mixture of genres which blend into a familiar sound for the band. Lyrically the album tackles both the agony and ecstasy of the world that we live in.

Sunflower Bean – ‘Roll The Dice’

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Singles ‘Who Put You Up To This?’, ‘Roll The Dice’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ represent the overall album well. There isn’t much to catch out listeners on ‘Headful of Sugar’ just a band that is very good at what they do.

‘Headful of Sugar’ is an album that you will get lost in, so find the time to escape the world and take an opportunity to appreciate this charming record.

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We were recently joined by Nick from Sunflower Bean on The Full Pelt Music Podcast to discuss ‘Headful of Sugar’ and lots more! You can find audio options here, or watch the video edition on Youtube below:

The Full Pelt Music Podcast – Episode 9 – Sunflower Bean

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