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Truth Decay

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‘Truth Decay’ is the eight studio album to come from You Me At Six and as is often the case they’ve transitioned over that fifteen years from the hot new thing to the band it’s cool to hate!

Over the course of those eight albums there may well have been some missteps but nobody could accuse the band of resting on their laurels. They could have released five more carbon copies of ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, pocketed the money and run but instead they’ve experimented, tested waters and pushed boundaries.

Some may argue they’ve often been found playing catch-up to the latest fads and they may be correct. Music is after all a lot of trial and error and even the greatest artists have followed the wrong path at least once.

The danger that a band like You Me At Six can fall into at this stage of their career is to both try to appease the old school fans whilst also testing themselves creatively. Often this actually just leads to bands achieving neither of the above! The 2021 predecessor to ‘Truth Decay’, ‘Suckapunch’, did ultimately feel like this, so there were trepidations as we hit play this time around.

You Me At Six – ‘Deep Cuts’

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Any lingering fears soon evaporate however as ‘Deep Cuts’, ‘Mixed Emotions (I Didn’t Know How to Tell You What I Was Going Through’ and ‘After Love In The After Hours’ all manage this balance perfectly. Even a potentially cringeworthy song title like ‘God Bless the 90’s Kids’ turns out to be a super fun little tune.

Rou Reynolds featuring ‘No Future? Yeah Right’ and fellow single ‘heartLESS’ see out a strong first half and hopes rise that this could be the bands best work in years.

The second half of the album continues the trend thankfully and cements the status of ‘Truth Decay’ as just that – the best You Me At Six album in a decade!

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