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72 Seasons

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Metallica – 72 seasons – album review

A new Metallica album has become quite the event these days due to the timeframes between releases. ‘72 Seasons’ represents the first new album in almost seven years and only the third album over the past twenty years since the much maligned ‘St. Anger’.

Realistically Metallica have reached a point in their career where they don’t need to release any new music. Their legendary status is secured and fans will flock to see them live regardless of new material.

They have however lived something of a renaissance with their last two albums, ‘Death Magnetic’ and ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’, both being very well received and termed by many as a mythical “return to form”.

It may be then that rather than a need to release new music, the band want to release new music. That again is a right that they well and truly earned and realistically no matter what they do musically, they are never going to lose stature because of any missteps – awful 2011 Lou Reed collaboration ‘Lulu’ proved that.

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What does all this mean then for ’72 Seasons’? Well to an extent free reign for the band to indulge. What we get however is a continuation of the previous two albums, which in many ways is a good thing, after all both records were Metallica at their very best. And that is arguably what we have again here, Metallica doing Metallica incredibly well.

Over the length of their career though some of their finest (and yes agreed worst) moments always came when they pushed the parameters a little. That is perhaps where ’72 Seasons’ finds itself lacking slightly and risks it being “just another Metallica album”, albeit a very good one!

When you also factor in the 77 minute runtime, it’s rather monotonous listening. It’s all very good as I say but that consistency somehow ends up hurting the album as nothing in particular stands out.

If you’re a diehard Metallica fan, you’ll pick up this album and thoroughly enjoy it. If you are a fair weather fan then there is nothing to hate but you’ll likely stick to listening to the ‘Black Album’ on repeat after your first listen.

The band didn’t need to release this album, and whilst I’m glad they did, given how little appears to be left in the tank before retirement, it would’ve been nice to be given one more curveball from them. That said and to drill the point home this is still a very good Metallica album!

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