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Demob Happy

Divine Machines

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Over the past eight years Demob Happy have quietly released two solid albums which have seen the bands stock rise but not necessarily to the levels they deserve.

The same though could be said about many bands in the oversaturated market these days. Sadly quality isn’t always enough to reach the levels of success needed to make music a sustainable career.

Whilst we lose far too many talented bands around the position that Demob Happy find themselves in, the Brighton-based trio aren’t one and have now delivered a stunning statement of a third album!

Demob Happy – ‘Token Appreciation Society’

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Yes, ‘Divine Machines’ is an album that instantly breeds a sense of the supermassive. Be it the thumping bass, solid rhythm, elegant guitar work or transcendent vocals, everything about this album exudes a band elevated to a higher level.

Each song is packed with mesmerisingly delicious psychedelic grooves and leaves an indelible mark on the conscious of the listener. Yes, the likes of ‘Voodoo Science’, ‘Super-Fluid’ and ‘Run Baby Run’, will be stuck in your head for days after absorbing this record.

In short, this third album is very good indeed and if all is right with the world will be the album that pushes Demob Happy further up the echelons of the musical hierarchy.

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