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The Ballad of Darren

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‘The Ballad of Darren’ marks the first new Blur album in eight years and only their second in the past twenty years. That other release was 2015 effort ‘The Magic Whip’, which was missing completely from the bands setlists at Wembley Stadium this month.

That point is made because upon listening to this release, ‘The Ballad of Darren’, equally sounds like an album set to be lost to this moment in time. Musically this is of course another solid record from the band, and not many would have expected anything different.

Blur – ;St. Charles Square’

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Ultimately though the record lacks anything truly memorable. When selecting their setlists for those historic Wembley gigs, there would have been certain songs that it would be unthinkable for them not to play. If in ten years the band make a return again for more huge shows, you don’t feel that any of these songs will be in that conversation.

If you are a dedicated Blur fan then this record is an unexpected new addition to your collection. You will listen to it solidly for the coming weeks and months. Thereafter it may fall back behind the classics but will certainly continue hold its own.

Blur are musically exceptional and this at its core is another stunning collection of songs. Those reviewing this album purely on quality will write words of praise and quite rightly so.  However, to drive home the point, for anyone other than a diehard follower, this will also be an instantly forgettable collection of melancholic hymns.

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