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James and the Cold Gun

James and the Cold Gun

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It takes a lot of courage and self-belief to walk away from a band experiencing considerable success, but that’s exactly what James Joseph did. Switching from bass player in a well known band to guitar and vocals as the frontman of a completely unknown entity, Joseph teamed up with fellow James, James Biss, and the duo set about building a new legacy under the moniker James and the Cold Gun.

A handful of key support slots and a well received debut EP have led the now five-piece band to their all-important self-titled debut album!

Described as a “…no frills rock n roll ripper…” by Joseph, this fits the narrative from the original duo when we spoke to them in a year ago on our ‘Discover’ New Music Podcast. Joseph in particular was clear that his previous band had changed to the point of no longer aligning with his desired creative output, with Joseph wanting a back to basics approach.

From the opening riff of ‘Chewing Glass’, it’s abundantly clear that Joseph has accomplished his desire. This is good old fashioned rock n roll and this album does exactly what it promises, repeatedly punching you in the face with another dirty riff, another bouncing chorus and all round gloriously effortless rock.

James and the Cold Gun – ‘Chewing Glass’

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This is a well-rounded debut album, which shows that the band have plenty to offer other than just noise. The songs are well crafted and have an accessible enough sound that they should cut across in bigger venues just as well as they will in tiny clubs.

The likes of ‘Something to Say’, ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘My Silhouette’ may lead the pack but whilst it may be cliché, there really isn’t a bad track on what the band can be proud of as a memorable debut album.

In thirty-eight minutes of pure rock n roll adrenaline, James and the Cold Gun ensure that the bravery and confidence talked of in our opening sentence was well placed and fully justified!

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