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Like all too many, REWS aka Shauna Tohill found the promotion of previous album, ‘Warriors’, disrupted by the pandemic. After initially deciding to allow time to take stock and reassess, REWS now present their third studio album, ‘Meridians’!

The record picks up where ‘Warriors’ left off with a fierce and soaring collection of hard rock hooks and elegant pop melodies. The drip fed pre-release singles ‘The World That You Left Behind’, ‘Pretty Face’, ‘Not Your Soldier’ and ‘Misery’ give the album a very strong first third and showcase the well established talents of Tohill.

REWS – ‘Lock Your Horns’

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REWS has proven to be an incredibly consistent project in terms of quality since the release of debut album, ‘Pyro’ in 2017. As the album progresses with ‘Tears of a Lion’, ‘Addicted to You’ and ‘Psycho Maniac Killer’, you’ll once again be astonished at the sonic and vocal dexterity of Tohill.

The inspiring anthem ‘Lock Your Horns’ will then smack you right in the face with its huge chorus and stirring message. This song in particular is a testament to the songwriting capabilities of Tohill as the album hits new levels.

As the record reaches its conclusion through ‘Breathe Into Me’, ‘On My Back (Giant’s Roar)’ and ‘Everything’, it finishes as big and bold as it began. There really isn’t a bad track on another astonishing album from the ever evolving REWS, and ‘Meridians’ is well worth your time and energy to check out.

Anybody familiar with REWS will know the sheer talent on offer, you just have to hope that ‘Meridians’ will reach a wider audience because this is as good of an album that you’ll hear this year!

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