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What We Do To Feel

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Lonely The Brave are back with their fourth studio album, ‘What We Do To Feel’. The album is the second with singer Jack Bennett and is perhaps the first to not feel under pressure!

There is always pressure releasing your debut album, pressure to deliver a solid follow up and there was certainly pressure on the band when releasing ‘The Hope List’ in 2021 due to the change in singer.

‘What We Do To Feel’ therefore does lack an intrigue factor in terms of expectation. That has hopefully though allowed the band some freedom to fully explore their ‘new’ line-up. It shouldn’t really be a surprise then that this album does feel like a natural progression of its predecessor.

Lonely The Brave – ‘Long Way’

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This album finds a battle-hardened and more mature band working through the huge events of the past five years experienced by both the band and by the world. Sonically that produces an intense and meticulous ensemble of songs that echo the care and attention put into their creation.

Lyrically the album exudes a sense of respect for life’s battles, gratitude for small victories and optimism for the future. The band’s songwriting has always been thought-provoking and powerful, and that is definitely true of ‘What We Do To Feel’. You’ll just want to get lost in the music and the moment when experiencing this album.

Nobody expected Lonely The Brave to re-invent the wheel on album four, and they haven’t! What they’ve done is captured an honest and enlightened soundscape which will be cherished by their fans as Exhibit D of the case of Lonely The Brave being the most viscerally progressive band of their generation.

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