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The Cadillac Three

The Years Go Fast

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The Cadillac Three have made their name on the back of their unstoppable ability to write sublime country rock songs. Singer Jaren Johnston’s songwriter capabilities are so sought after these days by other artists that it’s a surprise that the band have time to write a new album!

But they have! Yes, ‘The Years Go Fast’, represents the trio’s sixth studio effort and again sees them in fine form. Album opener ‘Young & Hungry’ provide the title of the album in its lyrics and sets the tone for the record from the opening notes.

The Cadillac Three – ‘Young & Hungry’

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Since releasing two albums in 2020, the band have experienced a pandemic, the loss of loved ones and the birth of new life after which Johnston admits the band needed a “breather”. It should be no surprise that when the band reconvened the source material has been big life changes. The outcome is perhaps naturally a more mature sound which is reflected perfectly by the lyrical content and album title.

Whilst there is an added maturity, there is still a playful experimentation in the albums sonic palatte with elements of country, rock, funk and metal all evident at times. Ultimately this feels like a stock take record, whereby the band fuse everything that they’ve learned over the past decade or so and produce these twelve tracks as a document of their career thus far.

‘The Years Go Fast’ is a very apt title as it does seem that despite the tedium of lockdown, recent years have flown pasts; perhaps as a consequence of all the big life events that have cascaded into a short timeframe. That does mean that this a highly relatable album and musically, lyrically and relevancy wise that makes this The Cadillac Three at their very best.

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