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Normandie have been drip-feeding their prescribed sonic doorway into a dystopian future in the shape of their monthly single releases in the lead up to this album. Indeed, seven of the eleven tracks are already out there but now their full vision is upon us.

‘Dopamine’ is the follow up to 2021’s ‘Dark & Beautiful Secrets’ which saw the band entrenching themselves into the consciousness of modern rock fans. This release seemingly picks up that mantle once again as the band look to establish themselves as a vital artist in the ever growing landscape of the music world.

Thematically, ‘Dopamine’ is the opposite of its predecessor which explored frontman Philip Stand’s past. This new collection sees the band examine what a future would look like where humanity has burnt themselves out and rely on dopamine fixes much like our existing vices. It’s an interesting concept and one which might even feel all too real.

While we continue to push ourselves harder and further, you have to ponder what we lose along the way; be it relationships, aspirations or something more tangible. Life these days is relentless and it’s in our nature to do whatever is necessary to push on through the struggle, so the themes on ‘Dopamine’ may feel all too relatable!

Normandie – ‘Sorry’

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Musically the album does follow nicely on from ‘Dark & Beautiful Secrets’ as the melodies soar higher and the riffs hit harder. The ambition is clear and Normandie have again created something instantly accessible and capable to capturing the hearts of all strains of rock fan.

There are harder hitting highlights such as the Dani Winter-Bates featuring ‘Hourglass’ interspersed with softer moments such as the very next track, ‘Sorry’. The juxtaposition demonstrated is sublime and the album as a whole flows superbly. The band really does seem to have an incredible talent for catchy hooks and the amount of sing-a-long inducing choruses on this album should be illegal under laws against monopolies!

You certainly have to feel sorry for their competition, because it hardly seems fair that Normandie can create such elegance with such apparent ease. ‘Dopamine’ is just the latest example of their ability to deliver something special.

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