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Crushed By Waves

More To Life

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Manchester’s Crushed By Waves have been making, well… waves over the past few months with a string of impressive modern rock singles. Now the time has arrived for the group to unleash their debut album and for ‘More To Life’ to be judged! Will the band soar or be crushed (sorry) under the weight of expectation.

Well the first hurdle that the band must overcome is the crowded scene in which they find themselves. Where everybody is trying to stand out, often that means that nobody does. The blame can perhaps be placed at Bring Me The Horizon’s door (or Linkin Park’s if we go further back), as their innovation has inspired no end of copycats.

Whilst it’s almost inevitable that new bands breaking through will get lost in the shuffle these days, you instantly feel that there is enough on ‘More To Life’ to elevate Crushed By Waves above the parapet. Opening duo ‘Nothing Left’ and ‘Dangerous’ set the tone early and act to dispel any worries that this is just another cookie cutter new age rock album.

Crushed By Waves – ‘Nothing Left’

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The band have touched on a feeling of imposter syndrome whilst discussing the album but the fruits of their labours here should give them vindication. They’ve managed to produce a thoroughly enjoyable set of hard hitters that can more than hold their own in the current congested climate.

‘You Know’, ‘Won’t Get Out Alive’ and the title track all highlight that ambitious sound which is the sonic template for rock bands in the 2024. They do so however in an assured manner which belies the relative inexperience of the group.

Indeed for a debut album, Crushed By Waves couldn’t really have wished to have delivered anything more resolute and intriguing. Whether they can cut through the noise or not only time can tell but with ‘More To Life’ the band have managed to deliver a notable opening gambit.

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