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Grace Petrie

Build Something Better

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Grace Petrie has long established herself as one of the country’s finest folk troubadours and now after a much heralded sojourn touring her comedy show, ‘Butch Ado About Nothing’, Petrie returns with new album, ‘Build Something Better’.

Petrie is now approaching two decades behind the microphone and has an increasingly impressive assortment of releases in her back catalogue. Each album seems to demonstrate artistic growth and particularly this album feels like Petrie’s song craft has reached new levels of brilliance.

Yes, this is a confident and assured collection of reflective and honest folk tales from an artist at their very best. Each track paints an all too familiar and desperate picture of living life in modern Britain; told as only Petrie can with her lived experience and ability to verbalise the untold.

Grace Petrie – ‘The House Always Wins’

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Touring buddy Frank Turner continues to cut his producing teeth and on this record he manages to capture the frank (pun only slighted intended!) passion of Petrie perfectly. The clever lyricism and pure vocal delivery of Petrie though is the big takeaway from the eleven songs.

‘The House Always Wins’ is an early standout and the likes of ‘Meanwhile In Texas’, ‘Start Again’ and ‘Fixer Upper’ are worth a note, but the reality is that the old cliché that there isn’t a bad song on the album is indeed very fitting here.

‘Build Something Better’ is the latest statement of an artist of unparalleled natural talent. There are many artists and groups making sincere and striking music, many of which form the wider scene that Grace Petrie calls home. But it’s hard to argue on the evidence of this record that Petrie isn’t amongst the very best.

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