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Perennial rockers Gun have been riding the wave of their reunion now for fifteen-plus years, regularly playing solid shows and delivering decent albums. Whilst long-time fans of the group have embraced this new era however, it’s probably a fair assessment to say that they’ve yet to set the world on fire!

That is until now when perhaps their new album, ‘Hombres’, will act as the spark needed to light that fire. That’s because to put it simply, the album is undoubtedly Gun’s best work in decades!

The first half of the album is front-loaded with pre-release singles, ‘All Fired Up’, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, ‘Take Me Back Home’ and ‘Falling’ – all of which had raised expectations around the record with their slick classic rock sound.

Gun – ‘All Fired Up’

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When combined with the delicious ‘Fake Life’, the first five tracks on the record set a high standard for the rest of the album to follow; but thankfully the second half of the album is able to carry that mantle.

Each of the remaining five tracks are able to at least maintain the momentum of the album if not push it further. Over the course of the ten tracks, there isn’t a bad apple in the bunch and Gun have managed to set themselves a new standard.

Every aspect of the record from the guitar riffs to the lyrics and vocal work to the production and the driving rhythm represents Gun at their very best. This really does feel like a band who have rediscovered their spark, and that spark is now burning bright enough to attract the attention of the wider musical universe.

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