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Newton Faulkner

Junction, Cambridge

Friday 10th May 2024

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It’s Friday night in Cambridge and the Junction is packed with fans awaiting the arrival of Newton Faulkner as he continues his ‘Feels Like Home 2’ tour. When joining us on The Full Pelt Music Podcast this week, Newton mused that “It’s the only tour I’ve ever done that’s had a sequel!”

The tour has focused on more regional venues and has seen Faulkner performing with a simpler setup and a more intimate feel. There has also been no support per se, with Faulkner instead performing two distinct sets and in effect supporting himself.


Faulkner arrives for set number one at around 8pm and instantly engages the audience with his charm. Indeed, throughout the show it’s a blend of the music and Faulkner’s wit and charisma that enthrals the crowd and producing a thoroughly engaging experience.

Within minutes of opening with ‘Never Alone’, Faulkner has the audience set up into sections and singing and clapping along as instructed. You could almost call Faulkner the pied piper of Cambridge tonight as he hypnotises the crowd with the magical powers of his guitar.

Set one includes the likes of ‘I Need Something’, ‘Clouds’ and ‘Teardrop’ before a barrage of audience requests commences. Some wishes get granted as ‘UFO’ and ‘Full Fat’ arrive before ‘Hit the Ground Running’ leads us into a short intermission.


The second set continues along the same path but sees Faulkner ramping up the audience participation and engagement protocols. A highlight of the night comes from the spontaneous decision to combine two audience callouts into one with a Metallica style version of the ‘SpongeBob SquarePants Theme’!

Obviously the biggest sing-a-long moment of the night is reserved for mega hit ‘Dream Catch Me’, but even thereafter the likes of ‘Gone in the Morning’, a cover of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Write It on Your Skin’ all keep the party going.

Given the ongoing reaction to these shows, perhaps Faulkner will need to consider a third act for this tour. But then he did also tease new music during our chat! Whatever comes next, for certain you’ll want to head out to a show and catch Faulkner doing what he does best.

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