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Florence Black have been threatening to breakout for a few years now and the impressive tsunami of pre-release singles for new album, ‘BED OF NAILS’, has set some high expectations.

Three of those tracks open the album with ‘START AGAIN’, ‘DON’T HOLD ME DOWN’ and ‘BED OF NAILS’ setting the tone early. Each track brings something different yet they all feel intricately connected. ‘TAXMAN’ is then the first unknown taste of what’s to come and it continues an unrelenting pace that won’t wane over the whole twelve tracks and forty plus minutes.

The remaining two singles follow succinctly with ‘LOOK UP’ giving of some grandiose AC/DC-esque vibes, and the superb power ballad ‘WARNING SIGN’ rallying the listener to overcome the hurdles of life. The first half of the album grabs the listener by the hand and leads them towards enlightenment.

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Florence Black – ‘WARNING SIGN’

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It’s at this point that the album really comes into a world of its own. Given the strength of the first six tracks, the band perhaps could’ve rested easy knowing that they’ve got a decent album in the bank. Rather than sit back and phone in a half-hearted back end though the group have instead strived to create something special.

Producer Romesh Dodangoda has a magic touch and this album can be heralded as another stunning success. ‘BEAUTIFUL LOVER’ provides another tender moment, before ‘THE WAY HOME’ picks things up once again. That theme of familiar yet unique flows throughout the sonic essence of the album and ensures that your attention is never sapped.

There really is so much to dissect in these twelve tracks with southern rock inspired ragers interspersed with nu-metal bangers and radio friendly rockers. The impressiveness of guitarist/singer Tristan Thomas’ dexterity is only matched by the powerful soundscape offered by bassist Jordan Evans and drummer Perry Davies.

These three individuals have come together on ‘BED OF NAILS’ to capture a touch of the extraordinary. Those high expectations haven’t just been met, they have been far exceeded and this album deserves to be the one that thrusts Florence Black into the stratosphere.

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