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AFI Bodies Album Cover
AFI – ‘Bodies’

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Californian rockers AFI have been around long enough by now to know how to put out a fan pleasing album. ‘Bodies’ is no different, catching the band in fine fettle. So, if you are looking for the band to break the mould then you’ll be disappointed!

If however, you are looking for the band to deliver yet another compilation of catchy, foot tapping dark pop rock anthems then you’ll be full up as ‘Bodies’ is a smorgasbord of everything that has made the band popular.

AFI – ‘Dulceria’

The album is unashamedly AFI with ‘Twisted Tongues’, ‘Far Too Near’ and ‘Dulceria’ settling you into the ride. The album is laced with quality and shows the ease with which AFI are able to produce catchy songs.

Considering that the band released their first album way back in 1995, you could almost forgive a drop in quality from them. Instead you get some of their best moments on the likes of ‘Begging For Trouble’ and ‘Looking Tragic’.

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With ‘Bodies’ being the bands eleventh studio album, it is clear the band aren’t slowing down. If they can maintain the same level of output as they have thus far then they will surely be recognised as one of the most consistent bands of their scene.

AFI are timeless and now they have another record that showcases their innate ability to create magic. Long may it continue!

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