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Dream Nails have been slowly building momentum and breaking down doors since their formation in 2015. Their self-titled debut album emerged mid-pandemic and gave a glimpse of a band ready to breakout. Sadly, as with all bands releasing music at this time, they were unable to properly capitalise with the world hiding away.

Well the world is now back in full flow for better or for worse and with new vocalist Ishmael Kirby in place so are Dream Nails, ready to smash boundaries once again!

New album, ‘Doom Loop’, opens with a bang as the band call out toxic masculinity on ‘Good Guy’, and continues as it means to go on. This may be deemed a political record due to the various subject matters highlighted but respecting fellow people for who they are without question shouldn’t be a divisive ideal.

Dream Nails – ‘Good Guy’

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To that point ‘Doom Loop’ is a celebration of the power and resilience of diversity, putting the spotlight on the mutual accountability that our communities share in tackling misogyny and discrimination of all kinds. And given recent political statements, you may feel that an album like ‘Doom Loop’ has never been more relevant.

Musically the album is a clear evolution to the sound offered by that self-titled album. Despite the serious and sinister themes of the lyrics, sonically ‘Doom Loop’ is a fun and bouncy record which emphasises the happiness as an act of resistance mentality. This is perhaps best demonstrated on another of the albums singles, ‘Ballpit’.

Dream Nails convey a vitally important message through great music and despite promotional frustrations with their debut and subsequent line-up changes, it would appear with ‘Doom Loop’ the band are still on a trajectory to shatter any glass ceilings above them.

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