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Dea Matrona

For Your Sins

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Irish duo Dea Matrona have been captivating audiences and gaining attention for their unique genre-bending rock mix. Now, finally that important career milestone that is a debut album is here to solidify their growing reputation.

‘For Your Sins’ is instantly enthralling as opening track ‘Stuck On You’ welcomes listeners with a funky rhythm and catchy chorus. As touched upon already, a diverse sonic palate is a key component of the duo’s endearing qualities.

Next song, ‘Stamp On It’, provides further evidence of this with its intoxicating charm and delectable stomp ala Tame Impala. Indeed the influences are plentiful and varied with Abba calibre pop songwriting, Led Zeppelin classic rock riffs, Pink Floyd ambition, Fleetwood Mac allure and Arctic Monkeys indie rock swagger all in the mix.

Dea Matrona – ‘Red Button’

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A range of genre’s become identifiable as the record continues but all are bound by the overarching identity of Dea Matrona. Yes, despite celebrating a range of styles, this doesn’t feel like a tribute album. No, this very much feels like a real statement of a collection from a band who clearly have an innate natural ability to craft a enchanting song.

That reputation will surely only continue to grow with an incredible debut album in the bag. Each and every one of the twelve tracks here is single quality and adds something unique to a record that holds your attention with undeniable ease.

In short, you couldn’t have asked for a better debut album from Dea Matrona and the potential showcased on ‘For Your Sins’ is actually quite scary!

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