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Frank Turner

Junction, Cambridge

Friday 30th September 2022

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You know that gig season is in full effect when you head along to a Frank Turner show. Yes, the man that is always on tour is on his rearranged ‘Never Ending Tour of Everywhere’. Tonight that means the Junction in Cambridge and another sold out show.

It’s almost a guarantee at a Turner show that you’ll be greeted by some fantastic support acts and this tour is certainly no different. Up first are Truckstop Honeymoon who serenade the crowd with their entertaining bluegrass folk sound, and their whimsical quips! The duo will be picking up many new fans on this tour as they introduce themselves properly to the UK.

The main support act on this tour is non-other than Pet Needs, who have featured on both our ‘Discover’ New Music and Full Pelt Music Podcasts. The band are intrinsically linked to Mr. Turner at the moment. He has produced both their albums and taken them on tour around the world. That said, it really feels like the band are breaking out and solidifying their own name.

Shows like tonight will go a long way towards that and it’s telling the amount of Pet Needs merchandise on display in the audience. Early fan favourites such as ‘Tracey Emin’s Bed’ and ‘Kayak’ intermix with new songs ‘Ibiza In Winter’ and ‘Fear for the Whole Damn World’ as the band showcase their enormous potential.

Pet Needs – ‘Get on The Roof’

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Closing their generous time on stage with ‘Overcompensating’, ‘Toothpaste’ and ‘Get On the Roof’, anybody not yet alert to Pet Needs now surely are. The crowd give the band a huge ovation as they depart ready to continue to plot for world domination.

The audience is hot tonight and as Frank Turner takes to the stage the atmosphere is palpable. Imagine then the reaction as Turner bursts straight into a run of ‘Four Simple Words’, ‘The Gathering’, ‘Photosynthesis’, ‘Punches’ and ‘1933’ – hardly time for band or audience to breathe!

Turner’s latest album, ‘FTHC’, is a punk record and that ethos is certainly captured on this tour. Thankfully for Turner his audience are open to this change in pace and band and crowd are one tonight making this a great Friday night out.

Frank Turner is known to take particular care over his setlists and tonight is a typical career spanning affair with fan favourites, deep cuts and new tracks all on offer. Highlights tonight include ‘A Wave Across A Bay’, ‘Be More Kind’ and ‘Non Serviam’.

Frank Turner – ‘Non Serviam’ (Live)

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At this point you know what you are going to get from a Turner show, and that’s an amazing time. Realistically that makes him a very difficult person to review, his consistency and endurance are unrivalled and you never really get a misstep.

Tonight the show climaxes with an encore of ‘I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous’, ‘Recovery’, ‘Try This At Home’ and ‘I Still Believe’, which drains every remaining drop of energy out of the venue. Don’t take Turner for granted, get down to a show and have a great night!

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Album Reviews

Frank Turner


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The evolution of Frank Turner’s solo career has always felt very organic and unforced. Ahead of the release of new album, ‘FTHC’, however you sensed that this may be his biggest sonic leap yet.

If you were to compare ‘FTHC’ to debut album ‘Sleep Is For The Week’ you’d probably conclude that you’d listened to different artists. Well, to an extent you have! The difference is 15 years, 9 albums and literally thousands of shows.

The fact is Turner is a different artist now then he was following the dissolution of his hardcore band Million Dead. Saying that, his road seems to have taken him from his folk beginnings back towards his punk past, and isn’t that just the circle of life.

Turner has often been labelled as Folk Punk and whilst the worlds craving to place a label on everything is tiresome, sometimes these things just fit. It’s perhaps symbolic then that Turner returns to his old school ‘FTHC’ moniker for the album title.

What we are getting at is that this album feels like a rebirth of sorts for Turner. It feels like Turner has stood over a cauldron and mixed a potion using ingredients gathered from each of his previous creations.

Frank Turner – ‘The Gathering’

The resulting concoction is a raucously rebellious yet sublimely poppy record which will get you singing and bouncing along. The early run of ‘Non Serviam’, ‘The Gathering’ and ‘Haven’t Been Doing So Well’ is gloriously manic and sets the tone for the album as a whole.

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Standout moments include ‘Fatherless’, ‘Punches’, ‘The Resurrectionists’ and Scott Hutchison tribute ‘A Wave Across a Bay’. There is plenty here for fans old and new to sink their teeth into and despite being album number 9, ‘FTHC’ is proof that Turner has plenty more in the tank as his evolution continues.

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