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Bob Vylan

Humble As The Sun

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It’s been difficult to ignore the emergence of Bob Vylan whilst the duo have been winning over audiences with their outstanding live shows. Higher festival billings and bigger sold out shows have typified their past few years, all backed by a steady flow of punk-infused rhymes which provide a commentary of a plethora of the world’s problems.

Unfortunately, the world only seems to be becoming unfairer, harsher, more hostile and divided. Bob Vylan meanwhile have never been ones to sit around singing ‘kum ba yah’, and have certainly never been afraid to call a spade a spade. It may not be a surprise then that on their new album, ‘Humble As The Sun’, the band are as frank and forceful as ever.

The manner in which they deliver their message of empowerment however has evolved as the duo look to stretch their musical legs. Punk rock may still provide the backbone of the sonic ambience of the record, but the extent of their ambition feels far greater. A line in statement song ‘Reign’ quips that the band were robbed of the prestigious Mercury Prize, and the care and attention put into this record makes you feel that the duo are trying to prove a point.

Bob Vylan – ‘Reign’

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Critics and naysayers are increasingly going to be unable to ignore the noise coming from the Bobs. Artistically this album marks a significant declaration of self-belief and natural talent. Thematically the album typically wears its heart on its sleeve and continues to address the world’s wrongs with a thunderous rage.

As you’d expect the lyricism is clever and there are countless memorable witticisms and easter eggs over the course of the ten tracks. Long term fans will feel at home with this record, but perhaps vitally these tracks are more than capable of reaching a wider audience.

‘Humble As The Sun’ has to legitimately be recognised as Vylan’s best and most diverse album to date, and more so the record opens up a new sense of intrigue as to where the duo can go in the future.

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