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The K’s

I Wonder If The World Knows?

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There has been a subtle indie revival in recent years and it’s becoming somewhat cool to like music with guitars again. One young group to have grabbed moderate levels of attention is The K’s and that hype has slowly built towards the release of their debut album.

The return of festivals in this post-pandemic era seems to have heralded this new found fondness for sing-a-long ready, flare-lighting indie rock anthems and it’s in these fields that The K’s have helped to forge their own path.

It’s a positive then that straight out the bat you feel that ‘I Wonder If The World Knows?’ has been summoned by the festival lords for the good times ahead. As you listen, you can shut your eyes and feel the summer sun (or rain!) beating down on your face as you lose yourself in the music.

The K’s – ‘Lights Go Down’

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That feeling should serve the band well as we head into another festival season, and is a key takeaway from this record. It would however do the quality of songs a disservice to simply marry them to the good time vibes of a festival main stage.

Indeed, there is a depth to these tracks which provides a firsthand social commentary of surviving the current pitfalls of modern life. The lyricism is clever and relevant, strengthening the credible indie soundtrack and creating a collection of indomitable melodies.

Whilst there is more than a knowing nod towards the icons of northern indie, The K’s have been able to establish their own identity with a superb debut album. With the likely success that this record will bring, the band will no longer need to wonder, because the world will most definitely know!

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