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The Sleeping Souls

Just Before The World Starts Burning

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The Sleeping Souls are synonymous with Frank Turner and it was slightly surprising for fans when the group announced news that they will be releasing music of their own. The fact is though that the origins of The Sleeping Souls go way back to 2001 and the band Dive Dive, with the members always having had musical interests outside of the day job.

Taking the role of singer for this version of the band is Cahir O’Doherty who is also a huge part of the Turner touring family and brings a wealth of experience from his work with the likes of New Pagans and Fighting With Wire. The Sleeping Souls touring line-up of Tarrant Anderson, Matt Nasir, Callum Green and Ben Lloyd round out the creative DNA of the band.

What’s been quite clear from the pre-release singles is that this new music is very distinct from that released with Turner, which is no surprise. The album has been recorded over a three year period and the care and attention put into the record shines through and ensures that the songs flow perfectly. This is definitely not a throw everything at the wall and see what sticks approach, the songwriting is meticulous and assured.

The Sleeping Souls – ‘Rivals’

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Stylistically the twelve tracks demonstrate a diverse palate of influences but at times you can clearly sense the likes of Radiohead and Feeder with a post-grunge, alt-rock aesthetic. There are all out rockers and a handful of tender moments on what is a sonically ambitious collection.

There may have been the odd cynical sideways glance when The Sleeping Souls set out their plans, but the proof as they say is in the pudding and ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’ is a sublimely delicious offering. There isn’t a bad track on the album and the conviction of this group to take this bold step is well and truly vindicated.

The band will be hitting the road for a short tour alongside Sean McGowan early next year, and these songs really do give the sense that they will sound enormous on stage. If our album of the year list wasn’t already written, this would be vying for the very top spot!

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