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Roddy Woomble

Lo! Soul

Roddy Woomble Lo! Soul Album Review
Roddy Woomble – ‘Lo! Soul’

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Roddy Woomble has maintained a steady solo career for fifteen years now, whilst not busy with Idlewild. The pause produced by the pandemic and the subsequent postponement of his touring commitments with Idlewild, allowed Woomble some unexpected time to create. The outcome of this time and creativity is his latest solo album, ‘Lo! Soul’.

The genre-bending record sees Woomble exploring his more electronic and soulful output. The results are a beautiful collection of songs that perpetuate the treasured lyricism of Woomble.

Roddy Woomble – ‘Architecture in LA’

Woomble is uniquely talented and ‘Lo! Soul’ is full of the quirk that has always made Woomble and his catalogue so special. There are stunning moments spread throughout the album, with ‘Architecture in LA’, ‘Take It To The Street’ and ‘People Move Out’ all helping to accentuate the artistic aptitude captured.

There is plenty to dissect for fans both new and old to the works of Roddy Woomble. On ‘Atlantic Photography’, Woomble opines “…best of both worlds perhaps…”, and ‘Lo! Soul’ feels like that. You get both the experimentation and the tradition of Woomble and his previous works.

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Make yourself a drink, take a comfortable seat, relax and lose yourself in ‘Lo! Soul’ – you won’t regret it!

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