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Nowhere Generation

Rise Against Nowhere Generation Album Cover
Rise Against – ‘Nowhere Generation’

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Rise Against have always been a vital band, unashamed to wear their hearts on their sleeves and fight for causes they believe in. With the state of the world at the moment, a new Rise Against album feels like a necessity.

The band consider if anybody is listening on ‘Talking to Ourselves’, and whilst those fighting the good fight may feel like banging their heads against the wall, the fact is voices are starting to be heard. On ‘Nowhere Generation’, the band cover both bases by getting your head banging and getting their voice heard.

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The album finds the band in typically angry mood and that is always a recipe for a great Rise Against record. From start to finish the album engages your brain and gets those feet tapping. Mission accomplished? Well, as far as releasing another quality album, yes! But, the battle won’t end.

Vitality shouldn’t be mistaken for relevance and whilst the band may have peaked commercially, they remain of utmost importance to a generation of music fans. Still, there are plenty of songs that will find a home in the bands hits catalogue.

Rise Against – ‘The Numbers’

The likes of ‘The Numbers’, ‘Nowhere Generation’ and ‘Monarch’ are excellent songs and help ensure that the album is memorable. This album may be standard Rise Against, but that is exactly what we need right now in this chaotic world that we all live in.

Is anybody listening? They certainly should be, both for the music and for the message that comes with it!

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