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Ohio Players

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After a career long gap of five years between ‘Turn Blue’ and ‘Let’s Rock’, ‘Ohio Players’ marks the fourth album from The Black Keys in the past five years! Making up for lost time perhaps the duo have certainly showered their fans with new music lately, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the hype around this record feels slightly muted.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and perhaps everyone is a little Black Keys’d out? It’s good then that the band have brought in the likes of Beck and Noel Gallagher to work with whilst recording this, their twelfth studio album.

The presence of those guest musicians and particularly Lil Noid and Juicy J does help to bring something a little different to the now formulaic garage rock of the duo. That said the structure of these bluesy rockers is still the same that brought the band their acclaim.

The Black Keys – ‘This Is Nowhere’

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At forty-five minutes and fourteen tracks this isn’t a short sharp shock to the system despite the changes. This is another flex by the duo who again showcase their incredible talents over what is a thoroughly enjoyable collection.

What this album doesn’t really do though despite the featured writers is offer much different to any of their previous work. That isn’t a bad thing of course, and if this was outlandishly different then people would no doubt criticise the band for abandoning their roots.

All in all, fans of the band will genuinely get pleasure from this album and that makes it another successful outing from The Black Keys.

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