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Papa Roach have done a truly marvellous job over the years at staying relevant and not fading into nostalgic obscurity. Their sound always was adaptive and they have moved with the times over the thirty years since their initial inception. Wow now I feel old…

…But that’s actually the point here. As we listen to their latest (and eleventh!!) studio album, they don’t sound or feel “old”. You don’t simply sit and drift your mind back to those hedonistic days of Nu-Metal, although there is a plenty of that energy here.

As the album progresses you get big rock anthems, modern pop rock hits, rap metal and elements of all sorts of genres. It really is a smorgasbord of all the things that has fed into the Papa Roach machine over the years.

Papa Roach – ‘Stand Up’

Realistically the band could rest on their laurels and milk their early albums for all they are worth. In the age of streaming figures the likes of ‘Last Resort’ and a handful of others are more than capable sustaining the band on the circuit.

It’s admirable then that the band has always pushed ahead, pushed boundaries and pushed themselves to further their legacy. ‘Ego Trip’ continues to do just that. Whereas some bands from the early 2000’s from all genres are doing themselves a disservice with their new outputs, this album only adds to what Papa Roach have achieved.

The album is easily as good as any of their albums from the past decade. The likes of singles ‘Kill The Noise’, ‘Swerve’, ‘Dying To Believe’ and ‘Cut The Line’ help to set a very high standard for an album that doesn’t have a bad track on it.

Listen to ‘Cut The Line’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist

This really is a band at the top of their game still, despite being nearly thirty years down the line. Relevance may be a debatable point, but the quality is there for all to see on ‘Ego Trip’.

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