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Following somewhat in the footsteps of 2016’s ‘Popestar’ EP, Ghost are back with another collection of unexpected cover songs on new EP, ‘Phantomine’.

‘Popestar’ arrived at a crucial time in the bands career and so does ‘Phantomine’, with the band on the cusp of the upper echelons of the industry. What this EP lacks over ‘Popestar’ is a big original single to lead the EP, with this collection featuring just the five cover tracks.

In their career when Ghost have ventured into covers, they’ve displayed a knack to Ghostify the tracks covered. That again is evidenced here no better than on Genesis cover ‘Jesus He Knows Me’. Other tracks though such as Iron Maiden classic ‘Phantom of the Opera’, they stay closer to the original than perhaps wished.

Overall though the five tracks work well and this is another example of the magic that this band possesses. ‘Phantomime’ may not have the impact of ‘Popestar’ in the grand scheme of things, but it will be important in Ghost folklore, so is a must own for dedicated fans, plus, hey, who doesn’t want to hear Ghost take on Tina Turner!

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