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Whilst others that emerged during the Nu-Metal craze have imploded, faded into obscurity or overly relied on nostalgia, Korn have remained constant. Leaders of that movement, the band has always refused to be confined by their past.

Always a force live, but it’s on record that Korn really set themselves apart both in terms of quality but importantly also consistency. ‘Requiem’ is the bands 14th studio album, yes 14th! There aren’t many bands from that era that have released albums on such a regular basis and even fewer that have maintained the quality and dare I say relevance of those from Korn.

The band has managed to maintain almost unparalleled quality across their career, with a bad Korn album not really existing. Of course there are particular albums that stand out above the rest and 2019 release ‘The Nothing’ was greeted with universal acclaim. The pressure therefore was surely on for ‘Requiem’!

Another impressive factor when considering the bands output over the years is that it’s not always been plain sailing, and this album arrives at a time where bassist Fieldy has taken hiatus from the group.

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‘Requiem’ however typically emerges above any issues and any pressure to once again maintain the high standard set from the band. From the opening track ‘Forgotten’, through the likes of ‘Start the Healing’ and ‘Lost In Grandeur’ to album closer ‘Worst Is On It’s Way’, this album is exactly what it needs to be.

Korn – ‘Forgotten’

The album may not be the greatest Korn album or receive the acclaim of its predecessor, but it’s short, punchy and direct. It does its job, in continuing the consistency both in frequency and quality of the band and their output.

This album is a must for legacy fans and certainly won’t be turning any new fans away either. It’s Korn doing what Korn do, and really that’s all we want at this point in their career.

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