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Some bands just have the knack for producing consistently top quality music within their chosen genre. They find their niche and they stick with it. Stone Broken are one such band who already have two solid radio friendly rock albums behind them.

Returning now with their third effort, ‘Revelation’, it is no surprise that they have produced another superb compilation of catchy straight-laced rock music.

The album launches straight into business with pre-release singles ‘Black Sunrise’, ‘The Devil You Know’ and ‘Revelation’. From there onwards there is no ease on the throttle as the band stick with what works.

Stone Broken – ‘The Devil You Know’

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I’ve often considered Stone Broken from a musical standpoint to be the British version of Nickelback, just without the undue hatred! One criticism of the Canadians has always been their formulated approach to writing big rock hits.

Listening to ‘Revelation’, I guess you could level that accusation here at Stone Broken. This isn’t a diverse record by any stretch of the imagination, but in fairness it doesn’t need to be. There is unlimited choice of music to listen to these days, and acts are often criticised for deviating from their path.

With that said, this is a safe album from Stone Broken. They clearly know what their fans want, they clearly now what they are good at, and, hell, it works! ‘Revelation’ is a very good record which is packed full of catchy rockers that get your head banging and your foot tapping.

As the album concludes with ‘So Damn Easy’ and ‘Gimme Some More’; Stone Broken can sign off from another excellently crafted collection of big time rockers with a sense of pride. They may not be breaking any boundaries but they continue to break down your door with the sound of huge rock hits.

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