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It’s seems almost impossible for anyone to review anything that Greta Van Fleet do either on stage or in the studio without comparing them to a certain mythical classic rock band. Our aim is to not use their name because ultimately, no matter the obvious sonic resemblance, Greta Van Fleet have forged their path through their own talents.

Every release thus far has been exceptional and as they release their third studio album, ‘Starcatcher’, the pre-release singles have again evidenced a band of enormous musical capability. There is an ethereal raw power in their song-writing and this materialises in the most visceral of fashions.

Greta Van Fleet – ‘Meeting the Master’

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Thematically ambitious, whilst sticking to a tried and tested formula, ‘Starcatcher’ is a continuation of its predecessor ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ and will instantly gratify fans of the band.

There are a plethora of songs which sound like they were born for the live setting and as the band continue to mature and grow their audience that’s a vital element. Lead single ‘Meeting the Master’ teased listeners into the experience that this album presents and arriving at the back end of the record ensures that the album finishes as strongly as it begins.

With this release, Greta Van Fleet continue to prove that they are no mere flash in the pan and no cheap imitation. Yes, rather than another band stuck in the past, this group are literally the future of rock music!

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