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IDLES have made an indelible mark on the UK music scene with their ferocious, foot stomping, punk frenzy. They’ve led a wave of acts into the mainstream consciousness and they’ve been praised and shot at in equal measure.

One regular criticism is a perceived lack of evolution both sonically and thematically. Well, welcome one and all to a giant middle finger of growth in the shape of their ostentatious fifth album, ‘TANGK’. We recommend that you leave all preconceptions and reticence at the door, and strap yourself in for one hell of a ride!

To lay it out bluntly, ‘TANGK’ is quite unlike anything you’ve experienced from IDLES over the past decade. The essence of the band is very much intact, it isn’t a complete reinvention, but it’s undoubtedly the biggest leap that the group have taken between releases thus far.

There is a powerful message of love sewn throughout the record as the band fully embrace their ‘All Is Love’ motto. Announcing the album, singer Joe Talbot eloquently proclaimed, “I needed love. So I made it”, and there is certainly a different listening experience present; one of positivity and yes, of love!

IDLES – ‘Dancer’

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If you need to release some anger, then you’re perhaps best served by their earlier work, because as this album evolves all you’ll want to do is dance! That’s by design of course and the likes of ‘Dancer’ are naturally going to get crowds moving when the band play these songs live.

Changing their methods up, ‘TANGK’ has been produced by Nigel Godrich and Kenny Beats alongside the bands own Mark Bowen, and the trio have unified to create something uniquely special. Managing to both harness the focussed passion and energy that gained the band their following whilst simultaneously embracing a broader and more ambitious sound, the trio guide ‘TANGK’ towards being the fullest IDLES experience yet.

What is for sure though amongst the feeling of change present on the record itself, is that these songs will sound just as massive live as all your favourite IDLES tracks. And there within lies the mastery of what the band have achieved on ‘TANGK’!

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