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Hannah Wicklund

The Prize

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‘The Prize’ marks the second full-length release for Hannah Wicklund who rock fans will have recently found supporting Greta Van Fleet on the UK Arena Tour. As such the album arrives at a time when Wicklund will be keen to share her visionary sonic experience with a wider audience.

With Sam Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet on board as producer also, you sense an epic journey is about to commence as the album begins with opening rocker ‘Hell In The Hallway’, and you certainly aren’t left disappointed as the songs continue to flow.

Hannah Wicklund – ‘Hell In The Hallway’

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Over the ten sublime tracks you are treated to an elegant yet powerful voyage through oceans, relationships and heartbreak powered by determination, strength and growth. Lyrically and musically you follow Wicklund through a story of discovery and it’s an enchanting tale to absorb.

Wicklund is complemented by the immense musical talents of both Kiszka and bandmate Daniel Wagner on ‘The Prize’ and they certainly help to elevate the majesty of the album. It must be said though that it’s Wicklund’s truly supreme performance that ensures that the record captivates as it does.

The multi-talented Wicklund demonstrates her raw capacity to enthral throughout, be it her incredible vocal delivery, exceptional guitar work or piano playing prowess. ‘The Prize’ really does feel like the right record at the right time for an artist destined for stardom. It you choose take this trip with Wicklund, you’ll undoubtedly feel the same way too!

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