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Kid Kapichi

There Goes The Neighbourhood

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Kid Kapichi have certainly made an impression in this desolate and austere post-apocalyptic landscape. Whilst they are far from the only band to gain popularity by mixing punk attitude, indie swagger and witty lyricism, they’ve certainly been one of the most prolific.

Prolificacy and quality though don’t always go hand in hand and with some high profile peers fending off some lacklustre reviews recently, it’s an interesting time for Kid Kapichi to be releasing their third studio album.

Let’s face it, there is not absence of source material for musicians looking to call out government incompetence, social injustice or horrifying world affairs, but in an election year at home and abroad there’s also a risk of political statement fatigue from music fans.

Kid Kapichi – ‘Zombie Nation’

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Well, that’s where Kid Kapichi seem to find their niche… in finding balance between heavy subject matter and playful output. ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’ unapologetically continues where ‘This Time Next Year’ and ‘Here’s What You Could Have Won’ left off, with a razor sharp tongue and catchy beat.

Any listeners looking for some ambitious sonic exploration on this album will be disappointed, but anybody hoping for more biting, frank and ferocious bangers will get their fill! The ability of the band to create this steady stream of passionate and astute songs is really quite canny, and at times like these their music should be classed as essential listening.

If we were to pick one track here to highlight, we’d be amiss not to guide you towards to fabulous Suggs featuring ‘Zombie Nation’, but this album is one of those ones where we get to say that there really isn’t a bad track.

The gentler ‘Jimi’ is a charming way to close out an album which will be defined by that now well established brashness. All said and done this is just the latest statement from a band marching relentlessly towards revolution.

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