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Press To MECO Album Review Transmute
Press To MECO – ‘Transmute’

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‘Transmute’ is the third studio album from Press To MECO and their first since the departure of bassist Adam Roffey. With this being their first line-up alteration since their 2011 inception, what impact might this change have?

Well, by the time you get through ‘Another Day’, ‘Smouldering Sticks’ and ‘A Test of Our Resolve’ it’s clear that the addition of Jake Crawford from ACODA has only made the band stronger.

Press To MECO – ‘A Test of Our Resolve’

The trio completed by Luke Caley and Lewis Williams have always been a hidden treasure of the British rock scene, but with ‘Transmute’ you sense they may not be hidden much longer! After all, it would be criminal to ignore an album this good.

Press To MECO have always had a knack for creating ferocious yet catchy songs and this album is packed full of tasty rifftastic bangers. Existing fans will certainly find familiarity on ‘Transmute’, but the record also comes with a sense of evolution. There is a maturity and growth in evidence on a record that seemingly captures the band at their very best.

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As the album concludes with a run of ‘Gold’, ‘Way to Know’ and the stunning ‘Hesitation’ you realise just how glorious and majestic the band can sculpt their art. You probably also realise that you now can’t resist hitting play again. ‘Transmute’ sure has a feel of a record that will be on repeat for the foreseeable future.

So, going back to that opening question and what impact the line-up change would have? Thankfully this record maintains all that was great about the band but also elevates the band to another level. Nobody likes change, but sometimes change is for the better!

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