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Pale Waves only released their second album last year, but with momentum in their favour they are back already with album number three. ‘Who Am I?’ was a huge release for the band, taking them to number three in the charts and taking them into larger venues and bigger festival slots.

Eighteen months later and the band are ready to capitalise on their hard work and push for greater success. With a date already set for the legendary Brixton Academy this November, could new album, ‘Unwanted’, be set to push them into arenas?

Well, opening with the epic, ‘Lies’, is a very good start for the album, and the pace doesn’t really ease as the group let their pop punk side out!

Pale Waves – ‘Lies’

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Across their three albums the band has now shown strong evolution and confidence in creating an eclectic mix of sounds. That being said each album has been distinctively a Pale Waves album with a familiar sonic undertone throughout.

With Heather Baron-Gracie at the helm their sound continues to feature an uplifting element despite the often dark and personal themes. This album fits a continued narrative of relatable music which helps to create a strong connection between band and listener.

Tracks such as ‘The Hard Way’, ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Reasons To Live’ have given a accurate view into the make-up of ‘Unwanted’ as a whole. If you’ve enjoyed the pre-release singles then you’ll love this uninterrupted tour de force of an album.

If ‘Who Am I?’ was the album to put Pale Waves on the map, then ‘Unwanted’ is raising their flag aloft and stating their ambitions for world domination!

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