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The Snuts W.L. Album Cover
The Snuts – ‘W.L.’

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The Snuts – W.L. – Album Review

The release of The Snuts debut album really has been a long time coming. The band initially hoped to release the album once the pandemic was over. Of course that appears some way off, and having released the first single ‘All Your Friends’ back in May 2019, the time has come for ‘W.L.’.

The Snuts – ‘All Your Friends’

The Snuts have steadily built a solid fanbase and ‘W.L.’ will only continue the upwards trajectory of these young Scots. Whilst much of the album was already ‘out there’ due to the prolonged release, this is still a significant milestone for a band with great potential.

‘W.L.’ is a strong debut album that lays the foundations of what will likely be a long and successful career. The album is packed full of charm and idiosyncrasy which helps to distinguish it from being just another indie record.

The likes of ‘Juan Belmonte’, ‘Somebody Loves You’ and ‘Glasgow’ are destined to grace setlists for years to come. That said it’s hard to single out tracks for praise due to the overall quality of the album.

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The deluxe edition of the album features four additional unreleased tracks which help to ensure that ‘W.L.’ feels fresh.  In total across the seventeen tracks there is plenty to get your teeth around and savour.

This does feel like the start of a great journey for the band. Expect The Snuts to continue to grow when they are able to take this album on the road. Then, who knows, perhaps we won’t have to wait as long for album number two!

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