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The Treatment

Waiting For Good Luck

The Treatment Waiting For Good Luck Album Cover
The Treatment – ‘Waiting For Good Luck’

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The Treatment – Waiting For Good Luck – Album Review

‘Waiting For Good Luck’ is an apt title for the fifth studio album from Cambridge rockers The Treatment. Since bursting onto the scene and being hailed as the next big thing, the band have suffered a somewhat Spinal Tapesque rotation of members.

Unlike that group, it’s not the drummer that’s the problem! Dhani Mansworth being one of only two original members left from their 2008 foundation. Together with guitarist Tagore Grey, Mansworth has seen a revolving door of members including latest addition, bassist Andy Milburn.

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This has included three singers, with current vocalist Tom Rampton joining in 2017. Completed by Tao Grey on guitar, the band will be hoping for some stability and good luck moving forward. They will hope that ‘Waiting For Good Luck’ is the start of that process.

From the beginning of opening number ‘Rat Race’ onwards, you grow a sense that they may be in luck after all. Whilst this album delivers exactly the sound that you would expect from The Treatment, it delivers it very well.

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There are plenty of songs on this album that rate amongst the best that the band has produced. ‘Take It or Leave It’, ‘Lightning in a Bottle’, ‘Hold Fire’ and ‘Wrong Way’ lead the way but the rest of the album isn’t far behind.

You almost wait for a dip in quality that thankfully doesn’t come. From start to finish ‘Waiting For Good Luck’ delivers on the promise that has always surrounded The Treatment. The hope now has to be for that good luck to arrive and for the band to be able to push ahead as a group.

After all fans of Tuckman’s Theory of Group Development know that to perform you need to work through the forming, storming and norming stages. (I bet you didn’t expect to see Tuckman reference in a music review!).

With this fifth album you finally feel that The Treatment are ready to deliver their best performance!

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